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Ed McBroom Needs To Go.

Abject failure McBroom fails at least ten fact based tests of logic.

It really doesn’t take much imagination to see the likelihood of fraud in the 2020 election.

At the very least, where this an appearance of something wrong in one of the most important aspects of government, we need to be reassured that all doubts about the election are unfounded.  Yet instead of pressing for a REAL audit, and not the sham of a spot poll of selected counties, Ed McBroom’s commission report not only says ‘there is nothing to see here,” but adds “..maybe we arrest anyone who dared to say otherwise!”

Which has correctly earned the rat a little appropriate shame from at least some in the Michigan Republican Party. It needs to be spread a little more.  The Detroit news reports:

A committee inside the Michigan Republican Party plans to consider Saturday a proposal that calls for the resignation of GOP state Sen. Ed McBroom, who led a probe finding no evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

He needs to be shunned completely.

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Accountability Must Be Achieved Before Party Unity Can Be Tenable

A frightening hellish reality has been thrust upon us. From the COVID-19 disinformation campaign and subsequent lockdowns to the Black Lives Matter terror uprising and demonization of law enforcement to the third-world style vote rigging in Detroit and other inner-city fraud centers on election night, our current reality is outpacing many of the dark prophecies laid out by the literary greats of the 20th Century about the technological enslavement that was to come.

And it’s all about to get a million times worse. We can all feel it. If there was a time where political unity was desperately needed among Republicans with the burying of internecine squabbles, it would be now, right?

Well, it’s not quite that easy.

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Ed McBroom is Human Scum

It would serve Michiganians well if they placed this detestable swine Senator under an intense microscope, and we all know it will never happen by those in State RINO Party leadership.

Imagine that? Bill depopulation Gates‘ Microsoft is found altering the machines as well. Starting to make more sense now as to why just yesterday we see Big Pharma bought-and-paid-for Fake News Craig Mauger pushing fake polls claiming our elections are honest “mostly fair” narrative.

But the same poll found that 63% of the 600 Michigan residents surveyed — a majority — said the presidential election was mostly fair. The survey found that 11% of voters said there was fraud in their “local elections” with 82% saying their “local elections” were mostly fair.

The Feb. 3-6 poll by the Lansing-based Glengariff Group had a margin of error of plus-minus 4 percentage points.

One truly needs wings just to try to stay above the bullshit in this state.

But McBroom also acknowledged that his committee hadn’t uncovered evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 vote: “I haven’t found anything that’s substantial to show vast conspiracies of vote switching or manipulation of software.”

Like we told you about recucklican SpecialEd, “human scum.

Censured Shirkey, and disgraced Chatfield are as well.

Sheryl Guy’s lies matter.

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