Like Nike says, Just Do It!

Honestly, we should not be anything other than delighted by this recent development.

It’s no lie, President Trump really does know how to grab pussies.

Former U.S. Rep. Paul Mitchell is among a group of 150 independents and current and former Republicans founding a group that’s threatening to form a breakaway party if the GOP doesn’t part ways with former President Donald Trump.

Organizers of the new group — whose other Michigan co-founders include longtime GOP consultant Jeff Timmer — are calling for a return to the founding ideals of the Republican Party “or else hasten the creation of an alternative.” Among the principles it lays out are the preservation of a democratic republic, constitutional order, rule of law and the truth.

We do remember who Jeff Timmer is, right? Yep, he’s part and parcel of The Lincoln Perverts.

Helluva group you got there on your side, Mitchell. Anyhoo, let’s take a look at what this low energy jagoff is whining about now.

“I think President Biden is right that our country needs a healthy two-party system, and the Republican Party is not healthy right now,” said Mitchell, who represented a congressional district including part of Macomb County and the Thumb.

Ah, yes, good ol’ dementia Joe and, The Ho. Everything is going just swimmingly since the farce that was November 3, 2020, yes? Mighty fine reference, Paul. Mighty fine. OABTW, do recall what Paul Mitchell said.

“Start looking at their member of congress not by what they say but, what they do and, what they accomplish.” – Paul Mitchell-I …for idiot.

Got it?

“We have a mess on our hands, and we ought to be talking about it, and not Trump,” he added.

Mitchell, a former business executive in Dryden, disaffiliated with the GOP in December as he retired from Congress. He’s been named as a potential gubernatorial candidate, though he’s said he won’t run for public office again.

Speaking of messes, do you know Paul Mitchell accomplishments in his four years floating around in the D.C. Swamp? This nothing burger and, I do mean nothing burgerthat’s it! And let’s talk about that “former business executive” thing for a moment. OK, I guess if you call gaming the education racket ripe with public tax dollars and government loan student debt for what is considered a small step above a Caribbean medical school is being a “business executive” and not just another grifter, sure, Paul Mitchell is that.

Folks, we all should be tickled pink that these 150-odd identified cuck losers bolt from the GOP. Matter of fact, take these two trust fund imbeciles with you, Paul and Lincoln Pervert Jeff!

We don’t want them, and Mitchell’s trial ballon PAC, A Cuck For American Fools, is a waste of time and money because there ain’t no way in hell he’s going to be governor but, he is serving the same purpose this midwit runt did with getting Big Gretch elected.

The cold hard truth is that before Donald J. Trump and Trumpism, the entire brand of Republicanism conserved not one damn thing. Why hell, it’s the ones like Paul Mitchell, Fred Upton, and Brian Calley who couldn’t even conserve men in dresses from going into women’s bathrooms.

Yah, still all good with our Trumpy so, run along and GFY Mitchell with your friend Lizzy.🖕

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    May 18, 2021 at 9:23 am

    Told y'all this is a good thing as this mouth breathing, bullet-head assclown wants to leave too.

    Nolan Out Loud: Can't wait to join the new party

    Get 'em outta here! Out! Out! Out!

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