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Rob Steele MD: “Stay at home is wrong”

Statewide Stay at Home Order is the Wrong Treatment for Michigan

The following arrived from the RNC Committeeman form Michigan Dr Rob Steele, a cardiologist, (and presumed expert.)

Note: Data from April 26 and 27

In my home state of Michigan, and around the country political battles and protests have proliferated regarding shelter in place and distancing orders. When it comes to medicine,” following the science” means following the data. Following is relevant data in Michigan and elsewhere.

Patients requiring hospitalization, ICU bed and ventilator availability have trended significantly in the right direction as have the number of positive tests. With increased testing in mildly or asymptomatic cases the newly diagnosed patients will be less sick and require fewer hospital resources and should not significantly inform the shelter in place order if numbers rise with increased testing.

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CD-3: 188 Days Until you are Liberated from Clown World

Want to hear a joke? Here, pull my finger.

I do so love our President.

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Republican Schutzstaffel – Reporting for duty!

Senator Shirkey and Speaker Chatfield must be so proud of themselves.

I’m not sure how long this link will last before it gets ‘scrubbed” by Facebook.

See for yourselves.

You rights don’t apply here. Where do you think you’re at? America?


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What was posted yesterday, well, it is NOT looking good for Michiganians.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey’s spokeswoman Amber McCann said Monday that the Republican has reached out to the governor to discuss the extension.

“The Majority Leader and [House] Speaker have reached out to engage the governor in a discussion about conditions surrounding a possible extension,” McCann explained.

NO. No, no, no, no! Completely unacceptable and, totally stupid of both of them to place any ‘in good faith’ nonsensical flapdoodle associated with this Lawbreaking, power-tripping governor and her crony AG.

Besides, SML Shirkey, it was just 10 days ago you were saying?

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I Nominate Tara Reade

Never forget who Law breaking Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer endorsed.

Okay, Sleepy Joe, I nominate Tara Reade, no matter how much the propaganda arm of the DNC Fakestream News media tries to bury the story and, yannow, ‘Weinstein Level Stuff’.

By now everyone here should know why.

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Quick Message to SML Shirkey and Speaker Chatfield

We Michiganians have had enough of Whitmer’s political stunt and, we triple-dog dare you to approve any further extension of Stay-at-home stupidity from our lawbreaking governor.

SML Shirkey, Speaker Chatfield, you are not beyond the idea of facing a recall yourselves, especially, when the governor is using this Made in China so-called *crisis* as a fundraising event.

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Herd Immunity be Damned!

Another day, another mind-numbing stupid headline: Whitmer orders shopping hours for vulnerable residents, masks for employees checking out customers

“This is not the time to slow our efforts; we must continue to be smart. By establishing these guidelines, we can protect Michigan families and our frontline workers. When we come together, we can slow the spread of this virus and save lives.”

More bullshit here

You know who else used “it’s for your safety” as cover for abuses by the state? Germany from 1933 to 1945.

Oh, and piss off, Nasty Nessel. The phony good cop, bad cop routine you and Gov. “Half” Whitmer try to play only works on those Trump Derangement Syndrome, low IQ sheeple, yannow, the typical Democrat mouthbreather voter and sit-down-to-pee Recucklicans.

For full video, CLICK HERE.

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Gretchen Whitmer’s Instinctive Lies

A crisis can reveal a person’s true character.  One striking example of this is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.  She has a bad habit of lying about her political opponents whenever they disagree with her.  There are many examples.

1. Republicans in the Michigan senate approved several hundred appointees of Governor Whitmer without issue.  In February, they rejected the appointment of Anna Mitterling in a political dispute related to hunting rights.  The governor’s office immediately accused senate Republicans of sexism:

“Sen. Shirkey had promised to turn over a new leaf, but it’s now clear that they care more about their sexist, partisan games than the well-being of our state.”

Of course, there was no evidence of sexism, beyond the fact that Mitterling is female.  Senate Republicans rejected a male nominee soon after.

2. Early in the coronavirus crisis, Whitmer claimed that the Trump administration told vendors not to send emergency supplies to Michigan:

“What I’ve gotten back is that vendors with whom we had contracts are now being told not to send stuff here to Michigan. It’s really concerning.”

Whitmer never provided any evidence to support her claim.

3. When thousands of citizens drove to Lansing to protest the over-broad and irrational aspects of her lockdown policy, Whitmer implied that Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was responsible for creating the protest:

“I think it’s really inappropriate for a sitting member of the United States President’s cabinet to be waging political attacks on any governor, but obviously on me here at home,”

(A group that the DeVos family has contributed to spent $250 promoting the protest after it had been organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, a grassroots group.)

4. Whitmer also claimed that protesters endangered lives by blocking ambulances from reaching a hospital:

“The blocking of cars and ambulances trying to get into Sparrow Hospital immediately endangered lives,”

Her claim was rebutted by Lansing police.

Whitmer has displayed little competence at governing in her time in office, but routinely lashes out at anyone she perceives as a political opponent.

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