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Tuesday’s TOTD

Hmmm, now where have we seen this exact kind of pathetic display of low T beta manlet before?

Oh! That’s right …it was in this Michigan video here starting at the 1:32 mark.

Sorry, Lt. Puss-cake, forget about 2018. Man Law: you poke it you own it.

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Is Today Your Birthday?

20% more on January 1.

Money Rolling Into Lansing from State License Plate Tax

Annual vehicle registration revenue up 24 percent since 1990, even after inflation



Yep. Keep on blindly voting Republican, as that’ll fix everything.

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The Only Thing not Part Time is Their Pay and Benefits

Tar, feathers, rail, politicianssome assembly required.

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Gimme a $715M School Bailout, Small Chocolate Thighs, and a Large Vanilla Cuck

It is what it is.

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Uh-huh, sure Pete

Yet, another way to reach into resident’s pockets without a shred of accountability.

Yessirree, that is, as chair, one helluva record you got going, Pete.


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They’re Looking at Plundering Your Wallets… Again

Here comes your fuel tax and fee hikes.

Both sides, along with Gov. Rick Snyder, generally agree on the need for $1.2 billion a year in additional road funding, but they’ll need 54 votes to get it done. Cotter’s willingness to at least consider $800 million in new revenue likely increases the odds of a deal.

SnyderCalley“For me, it’s not just about the proportion — how much is new revenue and how much is general fund — but all the other details that go into making up a package,” Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, said Thursday. “I want to see what are the forms of new revenue, where’s it coming from and to what degree, but then also what other pieces of the package exist.”

The governor and legislative leaders from both sides of the aisle have been meeting regularly – twice in each of the past two weeks, according to Snyder — in hopes of reaching an agreement they all can live with.

“The lieutenant governor and I, I think it’s fair to say we both think there’s been a lot of progress in these meetings,” Snyder said last week. “Issues are coming up [indeed], we’re having a healthy discussion and people are trying to be good problem solvers. People are trying to come to a good solution.”

Cotter said he thinks they’re “very close” to a deal, but he also acknowledged he’s said that before.

“I’ve been saying for some time now that I’d like to get this to the floor in October, and I think we’re on a good pace to do that,” he said.

More unaccountable government and thievery HERE

Where’s the “future budget pressures” mentioned within the article?

That’s easy – Snydercaid Expansion. Remember that crap? Yep, those chickens are already coming home to roost.

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How Many Will Snyder Put In His $2M Ann Arbor Condo?

Progressives are always so helpful… when using other people’s coerced money.


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Quick! Check Your Wallets!

Slick Rick‘s lips are moving again


Only 1,215 days remaining of this detestable, nasally voiced a******.

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