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It’s good to see that the abject failure at the top is forcing those below to demonstrate that the squeaky wheel does not get the grease.

But first, let’s unpack this retardery.

Watts, 44, said he was one of probably three people he saw wearing a mask during the meeting.

Can you imagine being 44-years-old, that fat and stupid, that you just ran to every known Fake News outlet just to announce to the entire world: 👏 masks 👏 do 👏 not 👏 work 👏.

That’s not the story, and that is not the core problem.

The problem is if it had not been for a Recucklican crony in Allegen County, ol’ fat and stupid would’ve been bounced out on his lardass in 2019.

Allegan County Commissioner Jim Storey subsequently moved to take the removal of Watts from the committee off the agenda, saying that the party needs to work together and unite for 2020.

Work together, Jim? Why? And who’s Jim? Oh, just a career parasite that was appointed president of the Michigan Strategic Fund and, that other crapitalism department, the MLCC. Yah, it is lardass world what it is, and oh, hey, hasn’t that LCC crap worked out swell for business owner’s today? Funny that.

But I digress.

The only thing that matters and, Republicans should be pretty damn proud of this move- Never complain, never explain.

Scott McGraw, chairman of the 6th District committee, declined to comment on Saturday. But McGraw informed Watts that he had been removed in a 26-0 vote.

That IS how it’s done.

Frankly, the counties may yet salvage the State Party if they choose to demonstrate to us readers they are serious about purging losers at the top. Yes, it is time for RINO Ron the golden wallet and Meshawn, to be accountable.

Bottom line, we all know it.

Time will tell. . .


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