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Edward McBroom is a sitting state senator from Michigan’s 38th district, who has listed his background credentials as a fourth-generation dairy farmer, who operates his family’s 100 year old dairy farm with cows, hay, wheat and corn.  Mr. McBroom has served his Upper Peninsula community as the dairy superintendent of the Dickinson County Fair and director of the Norway City Band. Mr. McBroom holds bachelor’s degrees in music education and social studies secondary education from Northern Michigan University and he directs music at the First Baptist Church in Norway, Michigan.

Patrick Colbeck is a man who at this point in time could be considered one of We the People, who (in excerpts from his Linked-In account) has listed his background as “a graduate of the University of Michigan with bachelors and masters of science degrees in Aerospace Engineering and also the Life Sciences Department at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France.  Mr. Colbeck’s professional career is highlighted by engineering design work on key elements of the life support system for the International Space Station. He also served as an instructor at Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.

Mr. Colbeck went on to provide management consulting services for over 11 years including 6 as a self-employed, independent consultant servicing industries as varied as Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Defense. He has been certified as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and has authored two books, Wrestling Gators: An Outsiders Guide to Draining the Swamp and IT Roadmap for Professional Service Firms.”

Mr. Colbeck also served as a state senator from Michigan’s 7th district for two terms from 2011 to 2018 and he is a policy advisor for The Election Integrity Fund, president of Perspective Shifts, LLC, co-founder and board member of the MI Freedom Center (which serves those who serve us in the armed forces at Detroit Metro Airport and Regional MEPS Centers), and Mr. Colbeck is the CEO and board member of The MI Armed Forces Hospitality Center

A plethora of Mr. Colbeck’s work can be found on the extraordinarily complex media platform called Let’s Fix Stuff

Patrick Colbeck also ran for governor of the state of Michigan in 2018.

State senator McBroom and private citizen Patrick Colbeck have recently exchanged letters regarding the very troubling, still unresolved (in many people’s opinion) election results of November 3, 2020.

On April 9, 2021, in his role as the chair of the senate oversight committee, Sen. McBroom sent a letter to Patrick Colbeck that indicated that the committee is almost finished with its “report” on the Nov. 3rd elections, that he (Mr. McBroom) hasn’t been provided with “evidence” that having the voting machines connected to the Internet proves a manipulation of votes.

He (Mr. McBroom) asked for a “specific source” that showed fractional voting because he (Mr. McBroom) believed that “could be the most damning piece of evidence to validate any claim that there was orchestrated fraud in the last election.” Mr. McBroom questioned why no one has brought legal suit against Dominion’s CEO Poulson, whom Mr. Colbeck alleges lied to the committee.

Mr. McBroom concludes this brief history of events by asking this question with certain instructions, “Are you (Mr. Colbeck) now able to provide additional, and definitive answers to these issues? If so, and since you have not yet seen fit to display them on your web page, please make the chair aware of these answers immediately. I will not spend valuable time of my committee members hearing a repeat of old or new allegations that do not include tangible, demonstrable, and relevant facts.”

“Seen fit”?

Make the chair aware … immediately?

Won’t spend “valuable time”?

My question is “Who does this guy (Mr. McBroom) think he is?”

Mr. McBroom then proceeds to ask Mr. Colbeck a rather pointedly personal question followed by a somewhat threatening set of observations and a bit of advice in the form of a warning, as follows, “Are you also prepared to be under oath to answer additional questions about yourself? The Chair will not prevent committee members from inquiring into the allegations made against you in lawsuits or media when they are relevant to your testimony regarding the 2020 election. Questions about your financial gain and personal credibility are entirely relevant and admissible. I advise you to seek out legal counsel prior to putting yourself into such a position.”

My additional questions to Mr. McBroom (besides asking who this guy thinks he is) are as follows:

  1.    How dare you, as a servant of the public, tasked to do certain delineated functions, make such veiled threats to a private citizen of the State of Michigan under any circumstances?
  2.   What is your expertise to even begin making the technical observations to which your background as a music instructor and dairy farmer seems unlikely to have provided you with the knowledge base to even begin to understand the complex issues of algorithmic, worldwide technological theft of our Presidential election?
  3.     Are you prepared to explain to us how it is that you think that you “know the truth,” whereas you have accused Mr. Colbeck of “ignoring the truth” and “persisting with failed arguments” and “associating with known liars?”
  4.     Did you actually write this April 9th letter all by yourself?
  5.     Have you read Article IV, Section I of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 where it states that “The legislative power of the State of Michigan is vested in a senate and a house of representatives”?
  6.     Do you consider yourself a senator or a judge?
  7.    Why is a state senate committee meeting the venue whereby a private citizen is to be put under oath to answer your questions, without due process and without cross examination?

My observations are that We the People have “allowed” our public functionaries to insult us and lord over us for far too long now and it is high time that we set the record straight about who is who, what is what, how things are to be handled and who should be answering to whom.

Janice Daniels
Michigan Conservative Union
Election Integrity Fund

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  2 comments for “Colbeck V McBroom

  1. Shane Trejo
    April 21, 2021 at 12:14 pm

    Watching McBroom try to intimidate female whistleblowers at his sham voter fraud hearing but cower when the men came up to speak told me everything I needed to know about that coward. Weaker and softer than he looks even.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    April 23, 2021 at 2:16 pm

    I found his "fighting words" to be defamation by his advice to seek legal counsel. Implies some sort of criminal act committed, so doubt this band teacher wrote this "note". But, watching the ballot count jump 60+ ballots before my eyes, says a lot. Then, there's the QR codes imbedded and digital photographs of the ballots made. Also, and we really shouldn't forget many counties or communities took "zucker" money?...We know Detroit did, and willing to bet the 9 questionable counties in MI did too. Private grants should never be involved in running our elections....NOT EVER!

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