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If I were Big Gretch that 8% Increase Would be Considered a Bargain

For a mere $13,000 more Big Gretch not only used her Obama minion shyster for *reasons*, she also used him to make Boobus Michiganderus put themselves into the poorhouse closing their businesses and losing jobs while cowering in their retarded “pods“.

Besides, it is Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum that passed the budget they worked from, anyway.

Elections have consequences, and you Dear Reader, are getting them good, and hard.

But Keros said she was told by the city inspector that the city health department had been asked by the state to perform an inspection after someone in state government watched the video and saw Portnoy eating inside the restaurants.

“You tell me what the difference is between doing that, and all the people at the mall over the holidays standing up in the food court and eating?” she said.

I told you so… and it’s getting old.

Ps. Big Gretch can claim her health department “doesn’t have a political bone in their theoretical body” all she wants, however, when it comes to politics there are no coincidences.

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