About RightMI.COM

Set aside as a backup to RightMichigan.com in the event of a server failure, or collapse of the scoop style blogging platform, RightMI.com sat mostly dormant for over 3 years, and served images for the main site until January 2014.

Growing political pressure on RightMichigan.com site ownership proved to be too much, and like unwanted tenants, Michigan’s primary conservative community for the last several years was given the heave ho.

Operations have been reestablished here.  There is more functionality, interaction, and it is easier to add to the discussion.

We are at a crossroads.

We can slowly capitulate to the socially destructive nature of the left, or we can fight it through education and awareness.  The battle being fought is for the hearts of Michigan citizens, and ultimately that of our nation’s future.

Engage the enemy at the gates, and set that wooden horse aflame before it enters!


The articles presented are the opinions of the authors, and RightMI reserves the right to disagree, or remove as necessary to preserve this as a conservative and principles based community  Opinions offered in commentary OR in written pieces are likewise subject to this consideration, though nothing shall imply agreement by RightMI.com or its editors.

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