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Big Gretch: it Served as a Warning, NOT an Instruction Manual

Art always imitates life and, in Whitmer administration’s Michigan, you know, THIS ONE: science fiction now becomes reality.

One of the things I have truly enjoyed is new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. Blonde, beautiful and, incredibly smart. God created for the job in dealing with today’s Fake News propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and a public school system indoctrinated dumbed-down society.

Ps. this was just a li’l sumpin’-sumpin’ humorous to lighten things up around here as we Michiganians don’t have to be serious all the time.

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Data and Science says Whitmer? Jeffrey I. Barke, MD Responds

From Big Gretch’s latest tour on the Fakestream News media circuit.

Whitmer said, “None. I’m not going to succumb to political pressure or political demonstrations or social media pressure. The fact of the matter is we have to listen to our epidemiologists, experts in our phenomenal research universities in Michigan. We are talking with international experts as well. We’re going to stay tethered to the data, follow the science, and we’ve got to get this right. Anything else puts people in jeopardy, and I’m not willing to do that.”

Watch to the end and, you decide.

Did you see the most foundation-destroying issue that begs further discussion?

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Big Gretch “asks,” Do You Want to be Destroyed?

Bend knee, kulaks.

Stalin is smiling.

Exit question: is everyone enjoying their 1 month, 19 days (13.66% of 2020) in Gretchen and Nessel’s unconstitutional, Chinese Communist Party Virus lockdown?

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Deflection and Projection

It didn’t take long for our beer-swilling Governatrix to saddle up her broom and fly the Clown News Network and MSDNC airwaves.

“It wasn’t really about the stay-at-home order at all,” Whitmer said. “It was essentially a political rally, a political statement that flies in the face of all of the science and all of the best practices from the stay-at-home order that was issued.”

Yah, sure, brews mother. Typical feminist Democrat projecting onto others what they are guilty of themselves. And, have you all noticed that Democrats like “Half” Whitmer resort to making claims of “science and all of the best practices” yet, push for voting by mail that’s rife with fraud? Yep, Pandemocrats always lie.

Exit question

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Let me Spell It Out for you SML Shirkey

Unbelievably cringeworthy right here.


So, let me get this straight… our Republican controlled State Senate, without recorded vote, gifts extended power to what is an already known insecure narcissistic schoolmarm (yes, Shirkey, she made YOU a joke) the ability to transcend into the role she truly desires- Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest.

And we voters should somehow not laugh at your request for us to grovel respectfully at the feet of “That woman from Michigan” with control issues? Nah, I’ll give that a hard pass. You all shit the bed in Lansing, and it is YOUR taxpayer funded job to clean it up.

Do Senate and House Republicans not remember what “Half” Whitmer did with trashing the budget and spreading misery on Michiganians? Exactly how can they be so oblivious to the signs everyone else sees?

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Ted Nugent Proven Correct Again

As with most healthy Michiganians who will not be gravely affected by the Chinese Communist Party Virus, unlike those in fragile city hellholes Grand Rapids and SEMCOG, in our rain-soaked and shoreline eroding state, boredom is setting in so, just to get the hell out of the house, clean up the yard and burn some leaves, twigs and such while under She Guevara “Half” Whitmer‘s statewide imposed in your house or $500 money grab and/or 90 days in the slammer (while contemplating releasing real criminals), which far exceeds Federal Social Distancing guidelines and with almost no possibility of a national Stay-at-home measure being enacted, what greets you on a Granholm administration retread‘s DNR website?

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