Well Wouldja Look at That

The Big Lie is collapsing.

Whitmer lifts outdoor event limits on June 1, all restrictions on July 1

And we all owe Dr. Paul, a YUGE thanks for that.

For the next act of The Big Lie, this little raspy-voiced evil creep will disappear again from Fake News spotlight as if he were never ever there.

If the seriousness, and the stark reality our government Swamp presents to you does not get you off your ass, well, go back to sleep and remain a slave to The Big Lie.

Early on, I wondered what the result would be when all of the dire predictions turned out to be baseless and false. What a pity that so many people chose to believe the liars and permitted their genes to be modified for fear of absolutely nothing.

So did I, and another truth be told, I wouldn’t want to be an employer that was fool enough to enforce the agenda of The Liars when it bankrupts them. And it will.

Mark these words… as the onion peeled before the world in front of everyone’s eyes it is clearly noted that half of those on the inside of The Big Lie refused The Jabs, and it is due to the fact that they were well aware in 2017 mNRA edits genetic code.

It is reprehensible what Boobus Michiganderus have subjected their children to all in the unwitting hopes of appeasing a greasy-forehead weirdo granting them some freedom.

Really is unnerving to witness so many so easily manipulated lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie.

Then again, this phenomenon is nothing new.

Well, that👆and, the fact that MPAI.

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    May 20, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    Am still in absolute awe that our state elected officials are wearing masks. In fact, any elected official wearing a mask has been put on my list to never trust. They are on the stupid team and we don't need more stupid. Feel the same way with doctors...they are scientists after all.

    Lastly, everyone thinks it a miracle re the quickness of getting the vac ready for mass production. Fun fact: in 1996, the annual flu shot had 3 varients A&B and Covid. They already had a covid flu shot. So, I now know 7 people who died from the vax and the last one had the vax and got covid and died. This is being counted as a covid death not a vax death. Nuther fun fact: Turns out that folks with transplants should never get this vax and those awaiting transplants should not get the vax as it may preclude them from getting the transplant. How long have they known this? Why would anyone whose had covid, get a vax? So, is our blood supply now being tainted with donations from the vaxxed? I say yes.

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