Every Lie Will Be Revealed

This still doesn’t sit right.

Mmmm, not so fast to excuse the MSP, and a certain elected member of the Senate.

Let’s review events on December 14, 2020.

Wait. What? @SenMikeShirkey was not there? Well, exactly where the hell was he? I mean it’s not as if Lansing Republicans did not know that Trump Electors were showing up. Hell, @LeeChatfield and Speaker-elect stripped a fellow Republican of his Committee assignments over fake news stupidity where Rep. Eisen spoke truth about The Left.

Yannow, it’s bad enough that three lawless female Democrats have and continue to run roughshod over Michiganians but, to also have to look into the actions of Republican leadership every step of the way is sickening.

Mike Shirkey, and Lee Chatfield, need to come clean on this entire matter.

Where were they? Why didn’t they meet the Republican Electors at the door? Why were they not addressing the Michigan State Police if the entire day was a Gretchen Whitmer manipulated lie? Who has the logbook on every MSP officer that was assigned to that building that day?

Every lie must be exposed.

From what is seen above that Thin Blue Line just got a whole lot thinner, and you did it to yourselves. Oaths matter.

You Betcha! (21)Nuh Uh.(1)

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