Investigative Resources

The best reporting and analysis is done with accurate and timely information.

These are some of the most frequently used information resources we rely upon to bring you Michigan’s most reliably conservative truth telling.

Michigan Press Releases
Find out what is going on in the various branches and departments within Michigan’s state government. Find statements by leadership, and get the news while its hot!

MI Campaign Finance Reporting
No investigation into political shenanigans should be without the proper tools. Find donors, discover relationships, and see how well a candidate has done. Campaign finance can reveal much.

MI Salary Tracking
Part of keeping our elected representatives accountable is knowledge of how they run their offices. In the link provided, it goes directly to Carl Levin’s history of support staff salaries. In a only little more than 10 years, the employee operations costs for this long time US Senator have increased over 50%!! Go from there and check out your own Congressmen.

MI Non Profit Reports
Michigan & other non profit financial reporting information available at no cost. (you will need to create an account for some information) Guidestar can help you make connections, reveal influence pedaling and add perspective to your investigations.

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