Idiots In Grand Rapids – Patriots in Houghton Lake?

'Leadership' discourages grass roots participation when they need it most - if only to give the scheme credibility.

The shortsightedness of the so-called MI Republican Leadership of not allowing duly elected delegates access to their roles as they assume their coup derived ‘authority’

Foolishness is the hallmark of losers

February 29, 2024

Dear 1st District Delegates to Convention,


In the wake of the court orders in Kent County against Kristina Karamo, we are left with few options in our fight to save the grassroots movement in the Michigan Republican Party.
Here’s what you need to know right now :
1) The Secretary Angela Gillesse and Treasurer Jennifer Standefer still hold their titles in elected offices.
2) The Secretary has sent all of the credentials she received from your County Chairs to Mr. Foster of Mr. Hoekstra’s team, and 25 counties were DENIED credentials to the Grand Rapids Convention.
3) The repeated disregard for the established rules has caused irreparable harm to the delegates right to engage in the convention process.
I have been involved in the party for many years – many state conventions, served as a State Representative in Lansing, and as you know, a target of the Democrat Attorney General – and I have never seen anything like what has been playing out right now in our party.
Over the last year, you have been a victim of deceiving propaganda and fake news against our grassroots leader, who has been a fearless warrior for freedom.


Recent court orders prohibit Kristina from acting as Chair of the Michigan Republican Party (MRP) in any manner, and nullified all of the meetings she’s called since January 6, 2024. This puts us in a position where we have to pivot to next steps and take the fight in a new direction.

The newly declared administration of MRP appears to be inviting dissent, disregarding rules with the consent of their RNC allies and we will not play that game by falling into their plan.

Denying the majority of the Delegates elected at the County Conventions in the 1st District from attending the State District Convention is not acceptable. So, where does this leave us?

We have been eagerly awaiting decisions from the court, but we can no longer wait. Your county Call to Convention stated we shall convene on March 2nd, and that is what we will do. Your 1st District leadership has formulated a plan to hold this District Convention in Houghton Lake! We are working hard to make it a meaningful Convention with enjoyable events starting tomorrow night, March 1st! Stay tuned!


I understand this is a lot of information to digest, and it might be irregular. That said, this is the battle we signed up for at county convention, and we need you all to stick together and show up!
You have my pledge that your team will NOT stop fighting for you and for your rights as Republican delegates.

Thank you all for fighting for what is right.



Daire Rendon
1st Congressional District Republican Committee – Chairwoman

For questions, contact:
michigan.1.gop@gmail.com*Delegates may register 1 guest.
*Press must pre-register
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Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Why bother with the elephant in the room if it is dead already?

Michigan Republicans are the most gullible, and idiotic Republicans anywhere.  And I say that to be nice.

I was elected a delegate, I voted for people to elect our chair, and those people elected a chair.  The position has a specific term unless properly removed through process where I and other delegates have a chance to weigh in on.  I don’t recall a convention for such a purpose, and some non convention convention happening as a result of Strategic national (or other political flame-throwing operation) is not exactly binding over the process in which we govern our party.  But I guess there are judges who think it is? (As an aside who this judge has donated heavily to in the past might offer ..insights – Rhymes with Rick Snyder and Brian Calley)

A Kent County judge affirmed Tuesday that Kristina Karamo was “properly” removed as the chair of the Michigan Republican Party.

The decision follows months of internal disputes within the state GOP concerning its financial health, culminating in a vote on Jan. 6, 2024, where party members opted to oust Karamo from her leadership position.

Kent County Circuit Court Judge J. Joseph Rossi, in his ruling, stated that any actions taken by Karamo on behalf of the Michigan Republican state committee since January 6 are void. The ruling also barred her from representing the party.

Who elected that guy? Oh yeah Grand Rapids did.  Not the duly elected delegates of the Michigan’s congressional districts.   So there is that.

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Faucis House Of Horrors

OK ..this looks like fun.

From the inbox:

Brace yourself for an unforgettable descent into the deepest darkest depths of GOVERNMENT-FUNDED MAD SCIENCE at Dr. Fauci’s House of Horrors!

Immerse yourself in a LABYRINTH OF TERROR as you learn about what Dr. Fauci has been up to since he retired from the federal government!

Feel your heart quicken as you see Dr. Fauci’s transhumanist creation materialize, realizing years and years of secretive and unethical VACCINE EXPERIMENTS!

Be prepared to embrace the unknown and see the disgusting depraved results of government bureaucrats playing God live at Oakland County Republican Party Headquarters this Saturday, Oct. 28 from 6pm to 9pm!

You don’t want to miss this show, playing at the first-ever OCRP Haunted House.

It’s a fun all-ages event featuring a Trunk or Treat for the kids, so bring the whole family!

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Once Upon A Time in America You Could Trust Your Physician And Pharmacist

In recent times, 'medicine' has certainly hit it's low

Good afternoon fellow Patriots. Once upon a time in America, outside your immediate family, two people you could trust when in came to matters and concerns for your health was your family physician and your local independent pharmacist. Hospitals were locally managed and controlled by the members of the community, and staffed by the doctors living in the community or surrounding area.

Specialists were brought in on an as needed basis, or patients were referred to the nearest medical center, usually a university hospital with an associated medical school, when complex medical issues required specialist consultation. There were no mandatory treatment protocols that physicians must follow when caring for patients. Physicians were free to use their training, diagnostic skills supported by necessary testing procedures to ensure appropriate, proper and ethical treatment pursuant to their Hippocratic Oath. The most widely accepted short form translation of said Oath within the public domain is “…first do no harm”. However a complete translation would read as follows:

“I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous.”

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Change My Mind

I have my opinions on the 2020 election and it’s outcomes.  And with the Fauci/Gates depopulation plan fully operational, all bets were clearly off with regard to truth in elections or issues in governance

Having said that, and living the last few years with inflation, additional foreign wars, loss of military assets, general national embarrassment, and a growth in gender schizophrenia driven by freaks who run our government?

Anyone who would vote for Biden (or any Democrat in Michigan for that matter)  in 2024  .. should be considered mentally challenged,  certifiably insane and dangerous, or at the very least stoned beyond belief.

Change my mind.

Then pass the munchies.

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Clearly you fail to recognize the problem.

Which is worse, those who are purposefully driving our republic into ruin or those people allegedly on “our side” who are directly contributing the underlying problem?

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