Clearly you fail to recognize the problem.

Which is worse, those who are purposefully driving our republic into ruin or those people allegedly on “our side” who are directly contributing the underlying problem?

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The clown show that makes up our federal government is literally a three-ring circus.

In ring number one, we have the soon-to-be invasion of illegal aliens across our borders into America. The open borders crowd has already given their de facto army the following script:

  • Enter American by any means necessary.
  • Get detained by CPB, ASAP.
  • Tell the person arresting you, that you wish to seek asylum in America.
  • Be given a literal “get-out-of-jail-free” card by means of a court date that you have absolutely no intention of appearing at.
  • Begin enjoying the generous benefits provided courtesy of the US Taxpayer such as (but certainly NOT limited to) free room & board, free cell phones, free travel to any point within the continental U.S., etc.

In ring number two, we have the gaslighting of the Biden crime family deeds by what tries passing itself off as “non-partisan” media. Not to worry, that same media apparatus has it on “reliable authority” that President Trump has been caught red-handed this time. They really, really, really mean it this time. No 2024 run for him!

And in ring number three, we have the completely unnecessary and totally avoidable “debt ceiling” crisis coming to a head at the beginning of next month.

Why this one should be the most perplexing (and easiest to avoid), is anyone’s guess.

The federal government has not passed a budget in so many years, I highly doubt that it has the institutional memory left to do so, even if it tried. While not required under our Constitution, setting a hard budget on what to spend and reconciling it with a quantifiable revenue stream essentially eliminates any problems associated with a “debt ceiling”.

Now, I can hear the chorus of arguments right now. KG, you’re being idealistic and “unreasonable”. You don’t understand the “nuances” of how the budgeting process works? The political process is “complicated”.

Uh huh.

Being a responsible adult for more than several decades now, balancing checkbooks, paying off loans, paying off credit cards…living below my means, yeah, I have absolutely no idea the subtle “nuances” of which you speak!

Here is where the literal rubber hits the road.

After sending out letters to our non-representing “Representatives” stating my opposition to any raising of the debt ceiling and wanting to gauge their position, I received the following canned response from Rep. Lisa McClain’s office staff. The level of double-speak below is incredible.

“Our nation’s debt is out of control. The over $31 trillion that we currently have is unacceptable, and Congress needs to make significant reforms. As a fiscal conservative, I take this issue seriously, and I have fought to rein in reckless spending since my first day in office. Last week, I voted in favor of the Limit, Save, Grow Act, which responsibly raises our debt ceiling while putting our fiscal house in order and saving over $4 trillion of your hard-earned tax dollars. This is a common sense bill, but Joe Biden and Senate Democrats are refusing to even negotiate with Republicans. It’s irresponsible and a clear dereliction of duty.

With the default date on our debt looming sometime in early June, it’s imperative that we get to work and find a real solution to federal spending. House Republicans have already taken responsible steps, now it’s time for Joe Biden to come to the table and negotiate.”

Representative Lisa McClain clearly demonstrating how she is fiscally conservative with federal tax dollars.


This is an unusual reply from someone who claims to be “fiscally conservative”.

EXACTLY what is the current national debt again?

I’ve read the bill that she is referencing; HR-2811 (Limit, Save, Grow Act). It’s a short read, only about 316 pages (HR-2811 can be read at this link).

I’ll save you the time and give everybody the condensed version: House Republicans will agree to a $1.5-trillion increase in federal spending each fiscal year over the next 10 years, in exchange for a claw back of Wuhan-virus and Inflation Reduction Act spending, dismantling portions of the green new deal, along with enacting border enhancements and welfare requirements.

Kevin McCarthy’s “solution” is to spend money the federal government doesn’t have, in order to rein in uncontrolled government spending.

I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions on this “solution”

Sadly, this level of cognitive dissonance isn’t just limited to Washington.

I received a message from a friend over something that was put out by Rep. Matt Maddock a few days ago. Husband of former Michigan GOP Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock.

The same Meshawn Maddock who ran the Michigan GOP just shy of $2-million in debt just before Kristina Karamo began serving as GOP Co-Chair. Where did almost $2-million in spending go? Look at the Michigan GOP financial statement to see for yourself.

Does the Michigan GOP require a forensic financial audit?

Getting back on topic, it seems that the good representative was lamenting about the level of uncontrollable spending taking place in Lansing since 2010 and increasing non-stop for almost 13 straight years.

My friend had asked who was to blame for all that debt?

I’ll give everyone a hint: The same political party that now wants to spend ridiculous sums of money in Washington to “save money”, was the very same political party controlling the Governor’s Office and Michigan Legislature (before losing the Governor’s seat in’18), who racked up all of that uncontrolled state spending in Lansing.

When you fail to recognize the problem that is literally right in front of you, you cannot possibly expect to provide any solutions.

I fear for the Republic.

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