The Same 2 in Michigan Plus 33 Friends

And not so much as a peep out of Ron Weiser, and Meshawn Maddock.

The vote.

One would be led to believe with Meshawn being at “the insurrection” that this threat by Nancy would be of utmost concern. *hint bumbling act RINO Ron ain’t gonna help you, honey.

We’ll just cut to the chase here… do not even concern yourselves with the cuckservative majority in Lansing, the fact is they’ve done absolutely nothing to rein in the greasy-forehead SLUT Part Deux, lezbo jew, and the batshit crazy eyes Soros selected broad election rigger.

If one thinks the censured, and Wentcucklicans in Lansing are even going to so much as touch the use of a nonprofit slush fund with where it will ultimately lead Boobus Michiganderus to, well, here, pull this finger💨 Bad news… it ain’t happening either. Even with the FAA involved (yep, back to the Calley supporter’s plane) our cucks in Lansing repeatedly demonstrate they’re useless. Stop being played as fools.

Think people… the scamdemic that was used to decimate this state, rig the 2020 sElection, and the best that Lansing could muster up is handing over control to local pissant tyrants. How does that plan work out? Click right here. That is happening in Florida, folks, and that is with an honorable Governor, a man with the balls to make tough decisions with what is in the best interests of every citizen in his state. Can you imagine the clusterf*ck that would be created in Michigan by every pissant locality creating its own flu bug rules and businesses operating across township/city/county lines with trying to remain in compliance to each variation of their mandates?

Forgettaboutit, and forget about unf*cking Lansing. Not one thing is going to change there until the State Party is fixed. Anything other is just likened to pushing a string up a hill. Pointless. Waste of energy, time, and financial resources.

Still think not? Who is responsible for a dam failure, then ask yourselves why without so much as any under microscope inspection of events, Wentcuck is quick to fork over a half billion dollars.


Fix the Michigan State Republican Party first, folks, and the rest will fall inline. Like it or not, it is the national objective.


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