This is NOT Difficult, People

On today’s episode of Nasty Nessel’s Demented World of Rigged Elections…

Live from FBI confirms Michigan’s election certification is a fraud Wayne County, NGP VAN contributors Nasty Nessel, Big Gretch, and presents Groundhog Day styled news.

Ryan Friedrichs? Check and check. What name is missing? Ed Duggan. Yes, the same Ed Duggan involved with Whitmer‘s ‘contact tracing’ no-bid contract NGP VAN scheme, of which, even AG Nasty Nessel is linked to.

They all belong in jail.

The sad part is Lansing Republicans have been aware of this the entire time, and what have they done about it? They chose to mock a whistleblower witness to Detroit election fraud.

Today I have decided to become a RINO, because after Donald J. Trump is rightfully inaugurated on January 20, 2021, I am dropping the GOP/MI-GOP (Dare y’all to make Weiser party chair) like a bad habit. F**k that treacherous party, Bigly!

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