Big Gretch Gets Caught With Her Tricia Foster Pants Down

We all have Nasty Nessel to thank for this one.

Headline: Michigan economic development chief ‘retired’ with hefty severance pay

Nope, not linking to it. Paywalls are for suckers. You’ll find it if you really want it. Anyhoo, the gist of it is Gov. Whitmer made yet another Executive Separation Agreement ‘Payday of Silence’ to the tune of $128,500 with MEDC’s CEO Jeff Mason, which also involves seven others within the MEDC totaling more than $308K.

What is key here? What it’s always been about. Maximum exploitation by Gretchen Whitmer following along with Gov. Cuomo’s lead of infecting of seniors with COVID (the next FOIA shoe to drop) for purpose of voting in-person fear porn, and specifically, the NGP VAN rigging that was caught early.

On Friday, Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s chief operating officer, sent an email to state department leaders, saying they will receive guidance in the coming weeks “related to handling separation agreements with state employees going forward.”

Who dat? Ha! You all so quickly forget. That said, a refresher on Tricia Foster.

Certainly, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer for the State of Michigan, Tricia Foster would have known about the contract between Michigan and the Democratic Operative firm(s) Great Lakes Community Engagement under the umbrella of K2K, to collect personal medical information on Michigan citizens. All under the control of Michael Kolehouse a long time Democratic operative who has worked for Planned Parenthood and other high profile Democratic partners.

Foster was moved to the newly created COO position in an announcement on March 5th and formally took over the position April 1st. According to multiple sources inside the Michigan Emergency Operations Center and elsewhere, Foster would have been the point person for putting together such a contract. Foster, in her new role answers only to Governor Whitmer and it appears all roads lead back to her according to multiple sources.

Sources also say Foster informs Whitmer on all critical decisions and developments. Therefore, the Governor would certainly have known about the contract that she is trying to deny any previous knowledge of.

Bottom line, Gov. Whitmer and, especially, AG Nasty Nessel coordinated every event of 2020 surrounding COVID, to influence the outcome of Michigan’s election. It is no longer conspiracy when the easily viewed obvious path to commit fraud is there for your eyes to see. Not to mention zero integrity qualified voter files that is still corrupt to this very moment unless you’re willing to believe foreign nationals belong voting in our elections.

What is once seen – cannot be unseen.

Another bottom line? Team RINO Ron and Meshawn™, have not once even come close to mentioning anything relating to the above let alone acting upon it, and have blatantly ignored the Peter Meijer censure. These people who have retaken the state party apparatchik cannot be taken seriously.

Oh! And one more thing… that paywall deal… the midwits, crooks, and frauds👇 are laughing at you.

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