Remembering Our Populist Republican Pioneer

Came across a John Gizzi article that our grassroots Republicans might want to reflect upon as our Main Street America First movement has just begun.

Do read it in its entirety, however, it is important to highlight this in particular.

Welborn felt that the conservative grass-roots movement built up from the campaigns for Headlee and Tisch and Ronald Reagan’s presidential bid, of which Welborn was state chairman in 1976, gave him an excellent chance of unseating liberal Republican Gov. William Milliken in 1982.

But Milliken — once referred to by Welborn as a “skunk” — suddenly announced he wasn’t running and thus left the Kalamazoo conservative without his desired target.

Ousted RINO Bill Milliken did precisely what we are witnessing impuissant, establishment Recucklicans do today all across this nation. As for Vox Day’s question of, “They’re probably being told not to run, but by whom?” Methinks, they just don’t have the stomach for a good, old-fashioned public humiliation of “here’s your traitorous record from your years in office.” Well, that and, their mealticket has put The Party on notice.

The truth facing The GOP is this: there is no Trumpsim without former President Donald J. Trump. STARVE THEM OUT!

Bottom line, this insufferable, backstabbing slob knows it, and is even in-your-face “screw you” about it.

Folks, if you want another truth… I’ve read comments on here over the years that complain about ‘the party’ not vetting Republican candidates, and we end up with cucked losers like we have in Lansing, and elsewhere today. Well, Dear Reader, that responsibility rests directly upon: you. Frankly, with what I’ve seen Boobus Michiganderus do recently with the state party apparatchik retreads you all failed miserably in that one simple, yet YUGE task.

Doubt it? OK, then ask yourselves the question, What have Team RINO Ron and Meshawn™ actually done in Michigan, other than provide lip service, and beg you for money at social gatherings?

Do drop response in comment below. I love to be proven wrong- if you are able to accomplish it.

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