Saturday’s Schadenfreude

When one plays in the middle of the road they get creamed by traffic from both directions.

Yannow, I once had hope for this soon to be 33-year-old millennial midwit, however, that began to fade 510 days into the Whitmer administration.

Uh-huh, Kzoo has hi$$y-fit. Predictable, ye$? 🙄

So, radical Left fake media generated queer outrage aside (told you our side has the best gays), what are the important takeaways?

Chatfield pledges to support adding LGBTQ protections

Chatfield has no specific business or economic development experience. Prior to being elected to the state Legislature, the northern Michigan native was a coach, teacher and athletic director at a Christian school.

In other words, Lee is whoring out his name, and is an extraordinarily illiterate one at doing that, otherwise, during his first week as CEO he wouldn’t be on the duck and cover defense.

C’mon Lee, let your Virtue Signals fly with pride about your lunch date pal and texting buddy, the most radical Leftist lesbian to have ever held office in this state while as Speaker you sat with your thumb up your ass watching a rigged election being stolen from our President.

Honestly, not sure what it is about Chatfield’s part of the state but, he may as well get it over with, and take the Blue Pill like his predecessor did. That said, it really has been enjoyable to see all their masks slip exposing what they are over the past four years.

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