Lansing Republicans WE Have Not Forgotten January 12

Remember the Senate and House Oversight Committees subpoenas?

We do: Detroit, and Livonia.

We have also not forgotten that Speaker Chatfield, SML Shirkey, SoS Benson, and Gov. Whitmer, ALL certified this third-world tactics, sham of an election.

Almost 10k DEAD people in Michigan voted with absentee ballots here are 1000 of them.👇

Once you understand there are those in the GOP/MIGOP, for instance, this dishonorable millennial midwit and, this treacherous, name recognition old hag *think* you’re stupid just the same as Democrats do, you’ll begin to see EVERYTHING clearly.

Are your eyes lying to you? For someone who allegedly received the most votes ever for president the entire world of The Left sure is working tirelessly to erase reality, yes?

Do not look away👇

Shadowgate from Elizabeth Donnarumma on Vimeo.

Dark Winter.

Every lie will be revealed.

You Betcha! (23)Nuh Uh.(2)

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