The Lack of Curiosity? No.

I’ll open with that it’s amazing Bill Schuette didn’t lose 2018, by larger numbers. That, and we now have hard evidence that our experiment with term limits is an abject failure on two levels.

The following is clearly NOT a lack of curiosity but, an offshoot of the failure in this state that is enabled by term limits. The hard Truth here is that daddy’s little girl is not interested in blatantly obvious, and forensic documented, easily manipulated fraud, on top of the illegitimate certification.

Are your eyes lying to you? 🤦🏼‍♂️ As much as I’d like to say that Mr. Eggert is Fake News- nope. He reported the clerk’s statement damn near word for word.

To that my response is: once a snake, always a snake. Let’s not parse words here, this RINO connected family has a long history of being NeverTrump so, Lisa’s rush to defend The Steal is blatantly obvious as well. So, when speaking of pussies, Bill, you grabbed a bad one.

A week after winning a primary campaign in which he consistently boasted of his endorsement from President Donald Trump, Attorney General Bill Schuette has chosen a running mate who publicly criticized Trump in 2016 for his demeaning behavior toward women.

Despite the incongruity, experts say Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons has the family name to net votes in West Michigan and the legislative experience to win over lawmakers in Lansing.

Her father, former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus, “set the standard” in western Michigan politics, said pollster Steve Mitchell, “and Lisa has lived up to that standard of public service.”

That sure aged well! Never forget that the late Peter Secchia called out this Term Limited Republican for being the worst kind of person there is- a loser.

God rest your soul, Pete! I’m thankful he isn’t here today to see how detestable many Republicans in this state have become in four short years.

Which leads us to the one-two punch from our experiment with term limits. When these entrenched political families with name recognition are termed out of the Lansing Swamp they resort to clogging up elected offices on the local level, hence, Kent Co. Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lying (spelling is the way it fits best).

From there the unintended consequences of term limits occurs exponentially with low information voters, very much like a ranch hand kicking a cow pie on a hot summer afternoon- shit splatters. Low information voters operate on name recognition, and little if anything more. Poof! PFM! 73rd Dist. Nepotism joins the Lansing Swamp.

That’s just one “name” example, which I’m not wasting my time to list many, many more in this state.

Bottom line: term limits are a complete bust. Voter registration drives? Counterintuitive. That’s just playing a Russian Chinese Roulette war of attrition with low functioning people who can’t be relied upon oneway or, the other how they actually vote so, it’s a retard’s plan as well. Aaand, more nepotism!

The only solution remaining is an organic voting public with a true thirst for knowledge, and by that I mean DO NOT even try to pretend to be as smart or smarter than a bonafide smart person. What has happened to date is the midwits who *think* they are smart is where we’re at right now with these three corrupt lunatics, and our own alleged side shivving our President. That, people, must end.

The Grand Old Elephant is dead.

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