Lansing Republicans, What’s This?

Read it all. It should infuriate anyone with even moderate intelligence.

Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud – Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots to Michigan Arena

What SML Shirkey, and then Speaker Chatfield allowed to happen with their Dog and Pony Show joint committee sessions can in no way be construed as incompetence. This was wantonly gross negligence at best. The Republican Majority legislature had subpoena power and did f**king NOTHING. It takes private citizens seeking honest elections to accomplish what the all encompassing collective power of government willfully refused to do. Every damn one of the incumbent Republicans deserve to be primaried for going along with the Senate and House leadership orders that looked the other way while election fraud was committed.

This also does not let the state and national Party apparatchiks off the hook, either. Ronna Romney did jack-squat while raising hundreds of millions of dollars on the false pretenses of defending our President, and now she plants the knife firmly in the donors back?

The Republican Party is dead to me.

The state apparatchik’s rot is even worse. And, there are those who think they’re being Smart People™ by cozying up to a 75-year-old multi-millionaire neocon crony capital globalist with history of Bush ambassador America Last philosophy just .. one .. more .. time? It truly is a sight to behold.

Nope. Not another penny to the Chamber of Commerce open borders cheap H-1B labor bootlicking Republican Party apparatchiks. Our America First candidates must be chosen through Crowdsource funding. Oh! And, speaking of those candidates in our state, this is one that if she only accomplishes her one agenda while in office, she would prove worth her weight in gold to every Michiganian that believes in free, fair, and honest elections.

This is the path forward.

You Betcha! (21)Nuh Uh.(2)

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