Brandon Brice Said He Was ‘Not a Conservative’ in 2018, Opposed Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS Nomination, Called for Rise of Third Party After Trump’s Election

Michigan GOP Outreach Chair candidate Brandon Brice has bragged about his media appearances in campaign emails to delegates, but what he is actually saying during these many media appearances is being glossed over. Here’s why:
Brice has made appearances on the mainstream media to denigrate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, urging Republicans to stab him in the back and ditch him after laughably dubious accusations were made by Democrat activist Christine Blasey Ford.

“Some people who are on the Senate Judiciary Committee, they’re looking at protecting the courts as opposed to in this case doing the right thing, and I think that right now we’re in a battle to see is this a matter of winning the battle and losing the war,” Brice said during an appearance on FOX 2’s “Let It Rip,” defending Blasey Ford and advocating for Kavanaugh’s railroading.
Brice also said that Kavanaugh’s response to the false and ridiculous claims was unwarranted and took unsubstantiated allegations levied by Democrats against him as if they were fact.
“My challenge is whoever is advising him on some of these responses, they probably should be fired,” Brice said.
“The better challenge would have been and as we have seen, this guy has got much more issues than just the allegations. He has got some alcoholism issues that are not being addressed,” he added.
Brice sided with the Democrats on the panel after his spurious rumor spreading was challenged by an actual conservative on the panel. He refused to back down and continued to slam Kavanaugh even after being challenged by the host.
“The best thing that in this case that Kavanaugh could have done is remain silent,” Brice said, preferring that Kavanaugh play along with Democrat lies instead of strongly defending his character.

Brice’s comments show that he lacks the courage, judgment, and frankly the intelligence to be an effective leader within the Republican Party. His advice and his analysis were laughably bad at the time and seem even more foolish in hindsight.

“I think right now that if the GOP was smart, there would be a very serious conversation before it got to the FBI that this guy may not be the right guy now,” he said.

It’s about controlling the courts, but here’s the challenge: at what cost is it worth it to control the courts?” Brice added.

Despite being described as a conservative political consultant while appearing on the show, Brice made it clear that he is an independent and not a representative of the conservative movement. That clip can be seen here: 

Brice also penned an op/ed for the Detroit News shortly after President Trump was sworn into the Oval Office in 2017. He said that he was a John Kasich Republican who supported many of far-left Sen. Bernie Sanders’ ideas and hoped a third party would arise to challenge Trump.

“I am happier now knowing that I can be honest about my political beliefs without regard for toeing any party line. I believe that the views of both sides are incomplete. Because, in reality, both respect for tradition and progressive reform are necessary, at any given time, to move forward a nation,” he wrote.

Additionally, Brice is a veteran Washington D.C. operative who used to work for GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert, the infamous pedophile who viciously raped children as he led Congress and the Republican establishment for many years. There are far too many red flags for Brice to be elected to MIGOP party leadership.
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  1. Corinthian Scales
    February 4, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    Here’s a fun one, Google: did Paul Ryan return Dennis Hastert money.

    You’ll begin to learn why the GOP is “Young Guns” fucked.

    There is not a decent person in Michigan that will ever go “Meijer”ing again.

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