Everyone Knew The Truth, Especially, Minorities

This election fraud is so f***ing bad that every mainstream Metro Detroit media (Chad Livengood, WXYZ, FOX 2 Detroit) that is one county, of the 6 states in question swings: the same – leaving all the bullshit “DeVos” side of the state out of it. Yes, that bad. Knew about the steal. Totally ignored.

Would you believe 5 Million Counts of criminal charges possible over a stolen election?

Not one f**ker in the “news” or anywhere on the internet talks about Michigan’s Secretary of State Benson, illegally adjusting signature Law to 5 million supposedly on an unqualified voter file, with still foreign nationals still registered to vote.

Not one.

SML Shirkey, then Speaker Chatfield, Matt Hall, Ed McBroom, and then “future” Speaker Wentworth, did not do one thing to ensure elections are secure in Michigan. Not once. Never validated the 2020 contested election. Not one of them. Neither did Ruth Johnson, former SoS, that brought all this crap to Michigan, she and Snyder signed off on the contract.

It’s not over. We’re just learning who they are in office.

Every one of them. Has to happen now.

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