Buckle up Buttercups, This Party is for High Energy Only

Preach it from the rooftops, Jesse!

Rick Scott? The only bigger low energy weenie from Florida, is ¡Jeb! What? Republicans for illegal aliens with driver’s licenses and in-state tuition, y’all!

Oh, and speaking of Mitt Romney…

Remember that time Mitt did his 5 minute Black Lives Matter photo op, and has never spoke a word of them since? Yah, me too.

Interestingly enough it is crap like the Romneys pull within the GOP that has activated patriots all across this state.

Republicans in one of Michigan’s largest counties want an “emergency session” of the state GOP committee to censure U.S. Reps. Peter Meijer and Fred Upton, party members who supported impeaching former President Donald Trump.

The Macomb County Republican Party’s executive committee voted 28-0 on Feb. 11 to support a resolution against the two congressmen, according to a document obtained by The Detroit News.

The vote shows the support that remains in the Michigan GOP for Trump despite his loss in November and his efforts to overturn the results of the election.

Macomb County “absolutely loves President Trump,” said Lisa Mankiewicz, vice chairwoman of the Macomb County party, who confirmed the Feb. 11 vote occurred.

“We’re the party of MAGA,” Mankiewicz said, referring to Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“We back President Donald Trump. These men pretended to be supporters of Trump and turned out to be just the opposite,” she said of Meijer and Upton.

Uh-oh, RINO Ron Weiser is in a bit of a pickle. Does he as state chair choose to risk pissing off several counties that have censured Meijer and Upton, among others, by siding with The Lincoln Perverts and this lying clown?

“Why would Upton and Meijer give a damn what the Macomb County party has to say about it?” Mitchell said of the county party’s resolution.

Hahaha… you’re irrelevant, Paul. Can you imagine being so tone deaf to the rest of the world that you’d make yourself a tool for The Left and propaganda news? Honestly, when someone mentions the name Paul Mitchell, this comes to mind.

That said, our movement has just begun.

TPAC? I like the sound of that.

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