After all, it is a SIMPLE Math Problem. 2 + 2 = 4, Winston argues. . .

Alas! Getting back to “Dr. Barbarian,” and the wild journey that chyron entailed.

“They are (pregnant pause) They’re safe, they’re effective, and they are our best hope to get out of this pandemic.” – Dr. Natasha (Ghazi) Bagdasarian

I’ll let the reader decide if said doctor’s statement has any truth to it.

VAERS COVID-19 vax update: 2,249 deaths reported


Hong Kong bans Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine over packaging defects

Proper Informed Consent May Be Missing for COVID Vaccines, States Physicians for Civil Defense

Oxford-AstraZeneca Researchers Halt Clinical Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine Among Children

If one asked me, I would conclude that the Senior Public Health Physician, MDHHS Dr. Bagdasarian, is performing a little more fecal transplanting than usual.

Interestingly enough, if one asks me I also would conclude The Jabs agenda is originating with Democrat Whitmer administration’s nepotism alliance coordination with lapdog state media propaganda. Again, I will let the reader decide.

Whatever truth it is you see above, make no mistake that Democrats are coming after your children even at the risk of unnecessarily placing their own in harms-way.

“If you want to return to normal life then, that’s just what we have to do.”


Dr. Betty Chu, failed as a mother in my opinion tho, again there’s big monies in play with her position.

Curious… have you asked yourselves why this newfound push is going on with the least vulnerable?

For those of us with strong mind that see the agenda for what it is, well, it’s all too obvious.

It feels as if it was just about a year ago someone mentioned it being like déjà vu all over again. Funny that.

Ah! That reminds me about addressing the Thin Blue line… well, if these offenses continue on private citizens they will only have to look in the mirror for who to blame ’cause we all have choices.

Another simple Truth expressed so clearly even a midwit could understand. Now, ask yourselves and, I mean truly deep-down believe that Big Gretch, and Nasty Nessel, have a shred of respect for the Thin Blue Line? The answer should be blatantly obvious. The real question, and I shudder when I think about it, does our Thin Blue Line have it within, as this Democrat farce continues, to respect themselves? I look not forward to, nor relish the day said question provides its answer. Yep, leaving it there like the foul stench it is hanging over Michigan.

Anyhoo, it sure is interesting that when trillions of federal tax dollars, and dare I suggest sElections, are not involved that Michigan’s senior public health physician hadn’t an epidemic care in the world 9 years ago.

Bagdasarian said that the “vast majority” of people who contract West Nile Virus–generally caused by being bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus–would not show symptoms of the disease.

“Only 20-40 percent are symptomatic,” she said, meaning that someone could contract it and may never know.

“And that’s fine – if you’re not symptomatic, you’re OK,” she added. “You can also have vague symptoms, so if your physician isn’t particularly vigilant you may not know.”


For any who still care about video game-styled scorekeeping: Wednesday in Michigan = 99.686% Survival Rate.

As a final thought, I will leave you with this snippet.

Dr. Kengor: Think of two dates in 1981: On March 30, 1981, just outside the Washington Hilton, Ronald Reagan, leader of the free world, was shot by a would-be assassin. On May 13, 1981, just outside the Vatican, in the heart of St. Peter’s Square, Pope John Paul II, leader of the world’s largest group of Christians, was shot by a would-be assassin. We now know today what an anxious world did not know then: both men came perilously close to dying. The pope and the president would meet to discuss that joint mission on June 7, 1982, at the Vatican—a little over year since the assassination attempts.

Please, do read it in its entirety.

Cherish history, and understand our current environment.


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