Some Easter’s are Happier Than Other’s

Polish immigrant Pastor in Calgary, showing us: This is The Way.

Nothing delights more than seeing that lardass female “health official” and, her “just following orders” public sector pension goons enforcing tyrant politician’s scamdemic edicts get booted out like the lapdogs they all are.

Which leads us to Boobus Michiganderus. It is truth that Chicago may be the most corrupt city in America, however, when it comes to the scale of state corruption, Chicago doesn’t even come close to the State of Michigan. The success of accomplishing that level of corruption can be attributed to all the enablers in video below.

For starters, if your congregation is led entirely by females you have failed in life- repent. Or, go wash your mouth out with a .38 because at this point the Good People care not one iota the choice- only the criminals in power care what you sheep losers continue to enable.

Ps. as of Saturday, even with the horseshit data collected, STILL a 99.433% survival rate.

You Betcha! (15)Nuh Uh.(1)

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