Shhh! Tommy, You’re Ruining Their Narrative

Our Motor City “Hitman” could only dream of possessing such a Jab.

Over the weekend, Michigan became embroiled in this news.

It is sad to see a fellow Southpaw, and great man pass away at such a young age, which brings us to where in Michigan, another great unwittingly makes all of the 2020 narrative go to pot.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, you’re exposing the entire lie, which the sole intended purpose was to rig the system. Naturally, “The Hitman” Hearns was social media shamed into walking back his honest statement of the “event” responsible for death as it being WrongThink so, you better go get The Jab.

Which leads us to this… what our political agenda major corporate news entities refuse to provide to the public is the very first criminal investigation, and the growing “events” resulting from these Jabs.

The answer to the question would be for those of us with strong mind, and healthy body: trust none of it. Then again, I am just an over a half-centegenarian old, pack and a half a day smoker that eats well, has refused to where a mask from day one as they are documented beyond retarded to wear unless in a clinical outfitted environment, which daily life is not, and also a tried to be “Karened” into the dastardly group that is deemed WrongThink by those who I consider, Duncical Equilibrium. Oh, by the way, good luck to those who try on that last part. Better pack a lunch- you’re going to need it.

With hindsight being 20/20, no pun intended, I do believe our last Lawfully elected President of the United States, has regrets of not firing this politician fake doctor by the end of April, last year.

All that said… Rest In Peace, Marvelous.

3/20/1986 President Reagan with boxer Marvin Hagler in the Oval Office

Oh, and one more thing… they’re coming for the children now.

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  3 comments for “Shhh! Tommy, You’re Ruining Their Narrative

  1. Sue Schwartz
    March 16, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    It's well known, Masks cause dental problems, staph infections which can and have migrated to the heart, among other problems. In fact, there is absolutely no science which makes masks okay for anybody. As I write this, my son-in-law, just ten days post the poke ended up in intensive care with blood clot, liver shut down and. . .A MASSIVE STAPH INFECTION caused by mask wearing. It is not MERSA, but another crappy staph infection. He will require infusion of antibiotics every 8 hours for the next four to six weeks. . .but, his kidneys are now showing signs of failure. Went through this three years ago with him, literally five days post flu shot. IF EVEN ONE MEDICAL PERSON RECOGNIZED THE ADVERSE AFFECTS HE EXPERIENCED AS LITERALLY BEING A RESULT OF THESE BIOLOGICAL INSULTS TO OUR BODIES, he would have been saved the rona poke. There is now lots of studies out there against masks, and dentists are now yelling and screaming. Our children should not be wearing masks. The poke should not be given to seniors with compromised health problems, especially since there's excellent therapeutics available now that HCQ is found to work so well.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      March 16, 2021 at 3:23 pm

      That is sad to read. Thoughts, and prayers for a full recovery.

      It always boggles my mind to witness that anyone would so blindly inflict such undue harm upon themselves at the behest of what others assert whether it be by group or, said "professionals." I mean seriously, they are called medical practicianers for a reason as they are not the end all be all by any means, and are easily corruptible by government-monopoly industry money.

      Church of Covid. I like that. It has a total disobedience of God ring about it, which defines all the mindless mask worshipping Karens, and Jab-taking silver bullet idolaters so well. And if you don't believe that, well, then take comfort knowing that Big Pharma still loves you.


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    • Jason
      March 16, 2021 at 3:26 pm

      I'm aware of your son's journey. Prayers once again for him.

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