Do We Get To Call It Fake Yet?

Chalk up another big loss for Michigan citizens, and…

Election integrity.

Headline: Judge rules Benson’s ballot signature verification guidance ‘invalid’

The office of Benson, a Detroit Democrat, declined comment on the decision.

Michigan law requires clerks to match required signatures on absentee ballot applications and absentee ballot envelopes with the voter signature on file to ensure the person submitting the ballot is the same one registered to vote in Michigan.

The reader would led to believe that Lansing Republicans would be all over this like a chicken on a June bug, right? Nope.

Our Midwit elected-Republican majority, and Party apparatchik are down in criminal Detroit, at a private business’ taxpayer subsidized ballpark raising hell because the Ilitch’s are unable to extract maximum dollars out of Boobus Michiganderus dumb enough to watch crap like this on opening day.

I, shit you not.

You Betcha! (19)Nuh Uh.(1)

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