Larissa Made No Friends Arresting Democrat Clerk Sherikia Hawkins

Where is AG Dana “Nasty” Nessel? I mean this lawsuit checks off all the ‘correct’ boxes, yes? Female, White, and lesbian.

An attorney representing a white, gay Michigan State Police sergeant filed a lawsuit Wednesday claiming the agency’s diversity efforts discriminate against her because of her race, and that her supervisor subjected her to a homophobic atmosphere.

Sgt. Larissa LaMay claims in her suit that she was passed over in January for the position of assistant post commander in lieu of an African American [black] woman who had been “disciplined for failing to show up for work and falsifying records to conceal it.”

Oops, Larissa didn’t check off all of the boxes for Nasty Nessel, and the biggest problem is she arrested Jocelyn Benson’s friend on 6 felonies. Seriously, it’s an election year and Michigan Democrats have an election they’re trying to steal, dammit. They wanted all hands on deck!

But I digress.

Back to our corrupt, ethically bankrupt Michigan State Police.

LaMay’s lawsuit is similar to three others that have been filed by white MSP employees since May. Each of the suits points to comments state police director Col. Joseph Gasper reportedly made at a public meeting on Oct. 8, 2019, in which he said the agency was “way too white and way too male,” and added that he planned to set aside 25% of future job openings for minorities, and 20% for females.

There is no disputing that. Whitmer mandated the discrimination following the St. Floyd of Fentanyl, Meth, THC stupidity (Yes, told you so).


• Created an Equity and Inclusion Officer position within the department.
• Set a goal to increase the racial minority trooper applicant pool to 25 percent and the female trooper applicant pool to 20 percent, in an effort to diversify the department. [full stop]

White, female lesbians need not apply when there is a disciplinary problem black female to hoist her ass up the career ladder for an attaboy from Big Gretch.

“Coming from the top official of a para-military organization, Defendant Gasper’s directive to prefer minorities constitutes standard operating procedure, a pattern and practice of racial preferences designed to favor Blacks over Whites at all levels of the agency,” said LaMay’s lawsuit, which was filed by her attorney Jim Fett, who represents the plaintiffs in the other three suits.

Fett said in a Thursday email: “The MSP is drunk on diversity. So drunk that they are using illegal means (racial and gender preferences) to achieve it … because the MSP is a paramilitary organization, its members are carrying out Gasper’s orders and giving preferential treatment in hiring, promotion, discipline and all other aspects of employment.”

That’s how Democrats roll leaving societal rot, decay, and injustice in their wake. How MSP Director Col. Joseph Gasper, is able to look in the mirror each morning is beyond my comprehension because Sgt. Larissa LaMay has a record of serving our prior Attorney General with honor.

Just a li’l something else for Mr. Fett to ponder…

You Betcha! (20)Nuh Uh.(0)

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