Unlock Michigan (Update)!

Important message to pass along to all Patriot-Minded Michiganians!

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Unlock Michigan Exceeds Goal of 500,000 Signatures

Petition Turn-In Imminent

Activists seeking to revoke Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s ability to govern by emergency decree have reached and exceeded their goal of collecting 500,000 signatures on their petition for initiated legislation, and will turn the petitions in to the Bureau of Elections soon.

“We’ve succeeded in collecting more than a half-million signatures from Michigan voters in fewer than 80 days, an historic accomplishment at a pivotal point in Michigan’s history,” said Unlock Michigan co-Chair Ron Armstrong. “This initiative isn’t about any one rule, or any one personality. This proposed law simply takes away the ability of a single politician to rule like a monarch for as long as they like. That’s a power no politician of any party should ever have,” he said.

“When the final tally is completed, we will have collected signatures from all 83 of Michigan’s counties, from citizens coming from all walks of life,” said co-Chair Meshawn Maddock. “Republicans and Democrats alike oppose the idea of an endless lockdown, and they oppose any elected official seizing all the power for themselves. That’s simply not the Michigan way,” she said.

Once submitted to the Bureau of Elections, petitions will be reviewed by staff to ensure sufficient signatures have been collected. Director Jonathan Brater detailed the certification process in a sworn affidavit to a federal Court, indicating that their process would take “60 days.”

“We have submitted vastly more signatures than required to qualify our initiative, and the 60-day process of the Bureau of Elections will allow ample time for the Legislature to enact this law this year,” said co-Chair Garret Soldano. “We the People did our job. The Bureau of Elections needs to do their job. And then the House and Senate can do their jobs, ending the disastrous mistake of the 1945 emergency law that has been so misused by this Governor,” he said.

A few additional messages that I would like to pass along.

First, A BIG “Thank You”, to all of those who have circulated or signed our petition. It is very encouraging to see so many fellow Michiganians who still believe in and support Liberty!

We could not have done this without you!

Second, if there are any remaining petitions out there, please turn them in to the nearest location as soon as possible (list can be found here).

Third, the fight is not over yet.

Governor Whitmer and her supporters will certainly stop at nothing to attack and delay the process in the coming days.

At this time, please be patient. This will be addressed appropriately shortly.

More information will be passed along at that time.

Stay Free!

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  1 comment for “Unlock Michigan (Update)!

  1. Sue Schwartz
    September 24, 2020 at 1:49 pm

    MAKES US PROUD. Now, if we could encourage Lee Chatfield to forego who owns him to do his job for us and impeach the top 3 executives NOW. It sure would help the election process they've got going which clearly needs to be stopped.

    So Lee, do your job and stop us from being held hostage to all this fake science crap being shoved down our throats.

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