To Retain Title “Honorable” will Daniel Bain Recuse?

What’s the next best thing than calling Big Gretch when you crash your vehicle and are caught drunk driving and fight with the cops?

Well, besides hiring an Arab lawyer to play the Race Card™.

Jones, D-Inkster, will next appear before Livingston County District Judge Daniel Bain on June 30 for a hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence for him to face trial on several charges including drunken driving and resisting and obstructing police.

Surprise, surprise, Dan is a Big Gretch Social Justice Warrior appointment.

“My goal is to treat all litigants with courtesy, dignity, and respect,” Bain said. “Stepping into a courtroom for the first time can be an intimidating experience, and I want everyone to know that they are getting a fair shot when they are in court with me.”

And with just a quick look, yah, ol’ Dan sounds about like the kind of lowbrow, never-was doofus Big Gretch would pick to pack the courts.

Folks, if you read the FOIA on stInkster’s li’l gem in Dearborn, this ain’t his first rodeo of being passed out at the wheel and fighting with the cops. He also did it in 2019.

When officers arrived, they saw Jones’ Chevy Tahoe stopped across two lanes of traffic. He was sleeping in the driver’s seat with his foot on the brake.

Jones was woken by officers opening the car door. He was removed from the car and a gun was found on his body. He was legal to have it at the time, but wasn’t carrying his identification, wallet or CPL.

The wallet was in the vehicle and contained his driver’s license, military ID, an Inkster Auxiliary Police ID and his Michigan State Representative ID.

Officers said Jones was uncooperative, and was eventually handcuffed because of it.

After identifying Jones, officers called a supervisor to the scene to assist.

Jones passed several field sobriety tests, and refused to take a preliminary breath test.

When asked if he had been drinking, Jones told officers he had “earlier in the afternoon.”

Same behavior over and over, and they keep handing a 26-year-old his ninth place ribbon in life. I just can’t begin to understand why all these windup toys malfunction when facing consequences for their actions, can you?

But I digress.

All I know is that judges have recused themselves from far more minor matters over appearance of impropriety than with such a high profile case like this involving an elected official. Then again, these are Democrats we are talking about.

I mean it’s not as if we didn’t just learn that it was Nasty Nessel that drafted Obama minion Gordon’s $155,506 hush-money gag order, right?

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