The Plan is There is NO Plan

I would’ve said you’re joking if…

I hadn’t read it myself.

Restrictions on Michigan restaurants such as capacity limits and curfews would change based on the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests under a plan proposed Wednesday by an organization that advocates on behalf of the businesses.

The Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association called its proposal a “metric-driven roadmap to eventually restore normal operations within the hospitality industry.” It’s an industry that’s lost 3,000 restaurants and 200,000 jobs during the pandemic, according to the association.

In other words, 3.25% of Michigan’s civilian labor force have been permanently canceled from exercising their Right to Commerce. Let that sink in.

For a service industry hanging by a thread one would believe that making it another three days until Whitmer’s restrictions are lifted (see what I did there?), the MRLA wouldn’t be wasting its time and resources on such nonsense. Hahahaha… April Fools, Big Gretch sez, “Kiss my ass some more.”

“She did it under the radar, but we were aware of it,” said Charles Owens, Michigan director of the National Federation of Independent Business. “The shiny object was the high school sports starting up again.”

Like I’ve been saying, enjoy the ride because the ride never ends and, YOU, Boobus Michiganderus, gave Big Gretch the keys.

Do you notice the names, Gagliardi in the Tags below? Not sayin’, just sayin’– what is the Whitmer administration goin to do if everyone starts practicing Civil OBEDIENCE to our Constitution? Is Whitmer going to send her vindictive “just following orders” bureaucracy to hunt everyone down and put them into her Michigulag? Not a chance. If you’re not aware, Dear Reader, this state has become the punchline to an endless joke. Rightfully so, it should be!

An entertaining aside from a conversation last night… a buddy of mine went with a group riding the trails on their sleds and, had lunch at one of the well known restaurant’s about 35 miles away. The takeaway from the experience was that $20 was pissed away on a cocktail and three tacos by each while being directed around like ‘socially distanced’ cattle, and reprimands of mask on, mask off during their stay. So, I asked, “you sound upset, then why did you contribute to the circus?” Bottom line, that is exactly what they did financially. It’s not difficult, people… this sick, abusive game to leverage an election outcome ends when the money runs out. Remind you of something? It should.

I refuse to participate. Any small business that does, well, a pox on them. I have not worn a mask to date, and have never been challenged other than a few female landwhales shooting the stink eye, which go ignored. Anyone who chooses to play in that game do not come bitching to me about those chains you revere.

All that said this part does put a smile on my face.

“The MRLA maintains that there is no faster way to build back better than through the systematic, expedited vaccination of Michigan’s hospitality industry,” the group said Wednesday. “Vaccination will provide safety to frontline workers, allow for the stable reintegration of Michigan’s second largest employer and restore public confidence that they may safely dine and travel once again.”

Build back better? The MRLA speaketh the Crisco Kid and Joepedo campaign lingo, however, totally agree. There is none more deserving of the double dosejoke pokes, than the obnoxious TikTok simpletons, and their pedestaling idolators.

You Betcha! (16)Nuh Uh.(2)

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