Two Alleged Republicans, Two Democrats Openly Hate You and. . .

honest elections.

Bergman Resolution Drives Commission Debate Over Partisan Politics, County Roles

Five Republicans and two Democrats. Amazing, yes? And one didn’t even have the balls to hold an opinion other than a Midwit talking point- “really exciting things like budgets and vaccination counts”. You first, commissioner assclown.

An aside from this morning’s emails with my good friend in Jawja, that made an astute observation.

An independent or a moderate is someone who refuses to take a side in the war being fought in this country.

The response to that was, “That is about the most accurate description without being harsh. Guys like Langan, refer to them as Duncical Equilibrium.”

Lo and behold, what sided with the Crooked Left? Fair minded and pragmatic, big picture thinker, frequently unconventional. In other words, useless as tits on a boar (no pun intended).

Exit question: why does it always have soy boy resting gayface?

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  1. Sue Schwartz
    February 19, 2021 at 4:11 pm

    The Bergman crap is funded by a soros superpak, fed by at least three other pac's, all involve the same folks, at the same address. Most interestingly, the superpak started in September 2020 and laundered $7million through it. Superpaks don't have to identify where the money comes or goes. But, best of all, at the bottom of this campaign was something to the effect of Please ask for you money back and email us that you will never again fund this campaign. These idiots are agreeing to waive their rights to political speech for a back slap by a soros funded superpak.

    There is so many stupid people out there and so little time.

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