Michiganians Will Never Forget

MI Gov. Whitmer on Lockdown: ‘Incredible Empathy’ for Small Businesses Hurting but ‘We Have to’ Combat COVID Spread

Um, no, that’s her bullshit to interfere with an election and, Whitmer could not possibly care less about small business in this state.

Epstein didn’t kill himself. Biden didn’t win.

I know it. You know it. We ALL know it.

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  1. David
    November 20, 2020 at 11:49 pm

    All I see is talk. This isn't directed at the author, but to all authors, and all who follow. What are you going to do about it? Talk, write, call an official? Nothing, you're all doing nothing. You still check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You still watch local TV channels. You still subscribe to Comcast, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple. You still watch the NFL, NBA and MLB. You're still a positive statistic to these tyrants and contribute to their treason. I didn't write this because I have the answers, I wrote this because I'm crippled and I cannot act physically, but you can. You can quit watching local news and subscribing to all of the above. You can give up on sports and trying to impress your friends with your "number of followers." You can jump off the popular bandwagons, but you don't. Why? Because you don't want to sacrifice for what you supposedly believe. Now you're beef is with the transfer of wealth? And that small business is being bankrupted? As long as you continue to subscribe and participate, these monopolists will just continue to do just that, monopolize. Stop being hypocrites, do something. Make a difference. Show the world that your country is too important to you. Show those who look up to you, that you can draw a line in the sand, and stick to what you believe. Sacrifice for your children's sake, not yours. We all know that all of this is wrong, but we do nothing. It's getting old. The bottom line is, you're all looking for somebody else to really do something that you should do yourself. You want to see others sacrifice, while you remain innocent, yet you share the same beliefs as the sacrificer. Why? I don't want to lose my job. I don't want my friends to disown me. So many excuses, yet here you are writing your frustrations out and wanting others to physically sacrifice on your behalf.

    I believe this, what is happening in this country is a tragedy. I believe that the Democratic party is so desperate for power, that they had to do what they have done to win. I believe that the Democrats are being used as puppets to China and communism. I believe China has been greasing the palms of every official that we have seen conduct these treasonous acts. I believe that China is looking to take over the world. Why not, they already control the minds of 3 billion people in their country. I believe that prior to 2016 an agreement took place between Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama, Biden, to advance China's interests in the U.S. And I believe they were all paid large amounts of money, by the Chinese, to ensure that their interest are put first. Look at all of the controversy that started with Hillary Clinton. Why? What was she covering up by using her own servers? Most likely it was not only the Clinton's interest in Epstein, but also the large payments they were receiving from China. I'm sure everything was laundered perfectly. Questions were being asked about the Clinton Foundation, and the large amounts of money that were being received. And look at who the Clintons had protecting them, both the FBI and CIA. Also during this time, Obama makes huge cash payments to Iran. Obama opens travel and trade with Cuba. Then, Hillary Clinton loses the election, and look at who came to her aid the FBI and CIA. For over 3 years the Democrats tried to get Trump out office. Look at the money spent. Look at the efforts they made, but I believe there was always a trump card that would be played by the Democrats if they couldn't impeach Trump before the next election. Remember too, Trump has been renegotiating all of our trade agreements that his administration deemed unfair to the U.S. While Trump is in office, the economy booms, and new trade agreements are continuing with China and others. Trump assassinates Iranian officials. Trump fires a warning shot at Syria. Trump negotiates with North Korea. Trump backs out of the climate change agreement and infuriates many nations. We were a year away from the next election, and minor reports start being leaked about a huge epidemic occuring in China. A few months pass, and boom Covid-19 is in the U.S. This was the final trump card played, by the world. I believe that many world leaders knew that the purpose of Covid-19 was to disrupt the American economy because of their hatred for Trump, and because China was greasing their palms. Our economy was, and still is derailed. Then the rioting and looting takes place. All of this chaos was the perfect prescription to aid Biden in winning the Presidency, and aid the Chinese to continue their takeover. The Democrats weren't done yet, now they started greasing the palms of the Governor's in the swing States. Every swing State began the task of legalizing mail-in voting. The swing States, excluding Florida of course, were all being run by Democrats. The Democrats and mass media continued their unfair practice of censuring their news agencies so they can brainwash Americans on a daily basis to hate Trump.

    This is where I revisit China and communism. There is a list of 25 items that the communists use to begin their takeover of the world. I will mention some of them: Remove God and Religion as a whole, Remove all weapons the people, Remove the Patriot from the people, infiltrate the education system so that the youth believe that all of the historical figures of the past were not heroes, but racists, infiltrate all of the sports that exist, and make the games less violent to help in softening the people's backbone, Remove bullying from society, and implement political correctness, to aid in softening the backbone of the people. There are many more tactics but the kicker is, this list was first discussed in 1963 by a world renowned PHD in communism to Congress. Since 1963 these communist tactics were known by our government, yet you tell me if the items I listed above have, or are taking place. I do believe that all of things happening in our country is being done for the sake of communism. Now, compare my beliefs to what the author described in his post. Look at the companies listed by the author, and ask yourself what country benefits the most in these monopolies. China! China provides 70% of the labor in all things purchased by the American consumer. China also owns, or is in partnership with a lot of the takeover companies.

    With all of this being said, what do I believe needs to happen? I believe that the people should "cut the cord" period. It's a start. I believe that lawsuits should be filed in each State that is purposely suppressing their people with this Covid farce. I believe Covid exists, but I don't believe the statistics that are being reported. Did you know 440k people will die from smoking this year, and over 200k have died from Covid-19, but you don't see the government banning cigarettes. That's a different story. I believe the officials involved should be arrested and be held for questioning until their trial begins. Each official, Governor's and their administration should be charged with Treason and Tyranny. And every suit should ask for the death penalty. I believe it's time to free the 3 billion people in China, the people of North Korea, the people of Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. I believe war needs to begin by the world against Communism. I believe this because, if you look at the status of the world, every country is in disarray due to China's biological attack on the world. I believe it's no accident, and I believe China will be moving their military soon.

    To summarize, I agree with the Author, and many of the authors on this site. I believe that something bigger is going on in the world today, and personal sacrifices are a for gone conclusion. I believe China is taking over the world, and that you need to do something to protect our way of life in the greatest country in the world.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      November 21, 2020 at 10:24 am

      All you see is talk. Ironically, so do I. No, not directed at you but, to all like you. If it weren't for social media we would not have President Trump, and we surely would not be as aware of how damn corrupt Washington D.C. has become since ... oh, I dunno ... here's a target date to play with.

      But I digress.

      That said, today we are seeing, what you mentioned, all professional and colligate sports viewer ratings tumble drastically due to their Anti-American, and Whites Are Racists™ indoctrination agenda. Farcebook, Twatter, and Instaspam, are a dying Newspeak platforms as witnessed by this election with anything and everything they have deemed a Thoughtcrime against the DNC's Creepy Joepedo and Kampuchea Harris figurehead Color Revolution agenda. New social media platforms are being built in response to them exposing themselves as being no different from legacy corporate news media. Long ago, I wrote the Fourth Estate is a Fifth Column problem. Today, they don't even bother to try to hide the fact that they ALL are fake news. This again is opening paths for new ethical platforms to grow such as OANN, Newsmax, RSBN, and others. Case in point, with every fall of a Drudge, it gives birth to a Bongino. Twatter created Parler. Farcebook? It's basically for old farts anymore, and as the Boomers die off it will as well.

      China? Yah, that's been a problem for America in the making ever since Nixon and Kissinger kissed Mao's ass in 1972. Reagan's waivers paved way for BJ Clinton and 320 swamp rats to sellout the world to PRC/CCP methodical economic dominance. "Free Trade" assclowns ... yannow, the same ones that will tell you there is no such thing as a free lunch ... are directly responsible for that.

      Trump so much as said the above for decades prior to being elected President, and engaged them, China and our swamp rats in DC, directly with tariffs in an economic war, which the CCP mainland cannot afford.

      "Build Back Better" sound familiar? It damn well should, and so should this👇

      Where's Hunter?

      To summarize, the world IS already engaged in a war with the Chinese Communist Party mainland from Main Street Americans vs. Wall Street, to Honk Kong, and India, all the way to the Chinese people themselves.

      Trust in President Donald J. Trump.

      Epstein didn't kill himself. Biden didn't win.

      We ALL know it.

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