Democrats Always Project

The Left can’t meme and prove they also totally suck at rhetoric.

Still a frontrunner for Mangina of the Year, ol’ dimwit Curtis enters the contest.

Sen. Curtis Hertel, D-East Lansing, labeled the legislation silly and said majority Republicans are now passing bills on what notes must be sent between the governor and lawmakers.

“If you are wondering where the governor lives, it’s in a space rent free in the sponsor’s head,” Hertel said of Barrett. “This legislation is the equivalent of an internet troll.”

Nice try shitlib ’cause you are the Democrat responsible for the amendment added red tape that would ensure seniors stuck with covid infected. You’re also the Democrat whose fatass wife did a beach vacay in Alabama, yannow, the same fatass that Censured Shirkey made health director because Elizabeth is “one of them.

Folks, there is no doubt that the Lansing Swamp is one giant Recucklican and shitlib Democrat cesspool of the highest order👇

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Used Kevin McCarthy’s BFF Frank Luntz to Sell COVID-19 Lockdowns to Conservatives

That’s right… keep squawking Billionaire trust fund ginger bitch. We see your Luntz/McCarthy grooming clear as day. Oy vey, do we see it.

Bottom line, count your lucky stars there are still a few reliable good peeps in Lansing like Tom Barrett.

Also like we said, The Big Lie that is Democrat Fauci, well’p we also celebrate Dr. Paul’s victory lap, and here’s to seeing all the swamprats involved going to jail. One can hope!


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