Accountability Must Be Achieved Before Party Unity Can Be Tenable

A frightening hellish reality has been thrust upon us. From the COVID-19 disinformation campaign and subsequent lockdowns to the Black Lives Matter terror uprising and demonization of law enforcement to the third-world style vote rigging in Detroit and other inner-city fraud centers on election night, our current reality is outpacing many of the dark prophecies laid out by the literary greats of the 20th Century about the technological enslavement that was to come.

And it’s all about to get a million times worse. We can all feel it. If there was a time where political unity was desperately needed among Republicans with the burying of internecine squabbles, it would be now, right?

Well, it’s not quite that easy.

The rise of Trump has muddied the waters, with factions becoming more fluid, and the previously more fixed MIGOP hierarchy in disarray. In certain respects, it seems as if things have improved for the conservative grassroots. Party chair Ron Weiser helped raise money for President Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020. While many GOP money men abdicated the President, with some even working to help Biden get elected, Weiser stayed the course and helped take the GOP in a more America First direction. He also brought on Meshawn Maddock as co-chair, who co-founded the Michigan Trump Republicans, and stood by her as she was unfairly defamed as an insurrectionist for exercising her right to petition her government in Washington D.C. around the same time as Jan. 6.

Furthermore, there are many pro-Trump and/or constitutional conservatives who are being elected to posts down the line. There is an impressive roster of pro-Trump vice chairs, district chairs, county chairs, precinct leaders, etc. in leadership with substantial followings, with an incredible amount of momentum and enthusiasm coming from an electrified grassroots. There are newly-formed groups that are hitting the ground running, hosting events, building local power, caring only about doing what is right. These people are interested in Republican politics, stopping corruption, fixing our elections, and defeating the psychotic totalitarian Left. However, they are not slavishly devoted to any political entity. They support Trump, love their country and see the Republican Party as a potential vehicle toward restoring American greatness.

Individuals like Reps. Fred Upton and Peter Meijer have no connection to these grassroots who are the lifeblood of our movement. They are multi-multi-millionaires cut from the elite caste of society. Other than the occasional photo op where they are carted around by their handlers to events, they never interface with any of the “little people” who put them into office. They understand nothing about their constituents and their desires—and furthermore, they don’t even care to know. All they know is that they hated Trump, they were glad to see him gone, and they greatly preferred the corrupt pre-Trump status quo that enriched them so mightily. This is why they are willing to sweep grotesque election fraud under the rug, without so much as ever considering the mountain of evidence showing systemic irregularities.

That was bad enough, but they even had the nerve to double down on their contempt for their constituents. They supported the illegal, unconstitutional impeachment charade that was concluded after President Trump had been ousted from power. As the federal government encroaches on the freedoms of Americans like never before—bringing the war on terror home to punish U.S. Patriots and treating Trump supporters like ISIS militants—they cheer it on and beg for more. Our state lawmakers are not much better, with Sens. Ed McBroom, Lana Theis and John Bizon signing onto a fraud report that was essentially a public relations document for secretary of state Jocelyn Benson.

McBroom, Theis and Bizon have thrown an anchor around the neck of every conservative Republican, who will have to answer for the report continuously on the campaign trail next year. The highly-anticipated Secure MI Vote ballot initiative championed by Weiser and the state GOP will be more difficult to pass because of the actions of McBroom, Theis and Bizon. Making matters even worse, these three lawmakers set the stage for attorney general Dana Nessel to abuse her authority and target Republicans. They implied that lawyers and activists funding the election fraud fight were guilty of some sort of a crime, even though court rulings have made it clear that raising these sort of funds are speech that is fully protected under the 1st Amendment.

Unity becomes untenable when lawmakers behave in such a manner. These individuals could sink the party in the state and their equivalents could do the same across the nation with their treacherous behavior. If the state Republican Party does not address these actions and make it abundantly clear that these actions are unacceptable and rejected by the party, the trust can never be restored for the purposes of unity. There may be an impetus to sweep all of this under the rug, like has been done so many times in the past, but that is no longer acceptable with our nation on the precipice of falling to Bolshevism. If we want to grow the party and keep faith in our efforts, we have to rebuild the covenant between leadership and their often-scorned constituents.

So many in the grassroots are falling to conspiracy theories, refusing to think rationally, and running with rumor and speculation out of desperation. And how can you blame them after what they have had to endure from the Republican Party over the past eight months? They have seen things happen in their country that they would expect to see Mao’s China or Soviet Russia. The axiom “it can never happen here” has been proven decisively wrong. The grassroots expected their political representation to at the very least hold their opposition accountable for their crimes on election night. This has not happened, with many Republican politicians seemingly enforcing the fraud on behalf of the Democrats with glee. There is an incredible opportunity to crush the Democrats in 2022, with ordinary folks becoming enraged with critical race theory and other unconscionable leftist initiatives, and save our country through the electoral process, but it will not happen unless trust is restored.

Right now, there are two important resolutions that are active in the MIGOP state committee. One resolution censors Meijer and Upton for their betrayal of the Constitution, the other resolution calls for Sens. McBroom, Theis and Bizon to resign for enabling AG Nessel to prosecute Republicans. The issues committee, of which I am a voting member, has refused to hold Upton and Meijer accountable thus far, already rejecting one resolution to hold them accountable for their impeachment vote. Upton and Meijer followed that up by supporting the Jan. 6 commission to authorize a fishing expedition that would drag Republicans through the dirt. Perhaps if we held them accountable when we should have, they would have been shamed into doing the right thing. We will never know because our committee lacked the courage to stand strong, and the grassroots loathes us as a result.

Who knows what McBroom, Theis and Bizon received from the special interests in order to do their hatchet job against vote fraud whistleblowers? Who knows what their next move will be to destroy chances of Republican victory to advance their own self-serving aims? If we do not pass a resolution at least condemning them, then we are tacitly supporting their sinister and disloyal actions. If we do not have a party that enforces consequences against the 5th column within, we cannot have unity. When someone claims they will never support Detroit Police Chief James Craig for governor under any circumstances, they are crucified by party loyalists for not being team players. Those feelings are understandable, but they are never applied fairly. Favorites of the special interests are regularly given a pass for their reprehensible behavior in sabotaging the party. This can no longer happen, or our party will continue to atrophy and our nation will crumble as a result. The healing process can begin with the approval of these resolutions.

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  5 comments for “Accountability Must Be Achieved Before Party Unity Can Be Tenable

  1. Kevin Grand
    July 26, 2021 at 1:29 pm

    Mr. Trejo,

    You're not going to see anything done against these three, because the TPTB don't want to see anything happen to them.

    For these puppet masters lurking in the shadows within the MiGOP, it is significantly more important for the Michigan Republican Party to only use Pres. Trump's name whenever possible in order to strictly fund raise off of it, rather than actually defend and promote the principles he championed and were proven to make America great (again).

    IMHO, I don't see anything that can be done against McBroom, Theis and Bizon, until they're up for re-election until '22.

    The gubernatorial race will certainly be interesting because when I tell people that I'm supporting Garret Soldano, I get that same nonsense as well about not wanting to win, blah, blah, blah, etc.

    Unless people in the MiGOP wants 4 more years of Whitmer, they better get their act together addressing this friction now, rather that trying to figure out after next year's general why they got trounced.

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  2. Sue Schwartz
    July 27, 2021 at 2:26 pm

    Sarah Huckabee is coming to town for a $100 admission fee being held in the seat of the never-Trumpers. I so wish to give her a heads up that all these never-Trumpers will drool over her hoping to change her attention away from Trump.

    As for Weiser and Maddock, you give them too much credit. The only focus the party should be on is the election and the audit should be already in the works. The legislature should be working on permanent mask banning especially in children, (School Code already states this is a no-no, even in times of emergency). They should be proactively banning future lock-downs, because that's the next play. Then, mandated vaxes, again, the legislature should be on this.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      July 31, 2021 at 11:29 pm

      Sarah said “Trump vaccine” and, demanded everyone to get The Jabs. What more do you need to know? That’s going to be his legacy.

      As for Meshawn, and crooked nose (((Weiser))), go to the post above. It’s almost all there for you. I know you will understand.

      Others, not so much.


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  3. Jeffrey DeGabriele
    July 28, 2021 at 6:12 am

    State Senator Ed McBoom is my own Upper Peninsula District Legislator who openly Violates of 2008 Of Michigan Supreme Court Ruling and United States Constitution of Section 2 of State Legislators time and place and manner of how State Elections are how to be conducted in Michigan. He also Violates of Madison vs Marbury or better references of Supremacy Clause of The United States Constitution. That any Law that Supersede the United States Constitution becomes invalid immediately after.

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  4. Nordic
    August 5, 2021 at 12:09 am

    Sadly, I no longer believe in voting.
    My grandfather told me for years that voting is meaningless and after 2020, I finally believe him.
    I'm in the process of revoking my voter registration.
    As long as Dominion is in charge of our elections and all of the corrupt evil government workers in Michigan seek to install Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich, there's no reason to vote.
    When Biden's administration speaks, you're hearing the voices of Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink and the Great Reset: A World Without Humans.
    I cannot believe just how evil politicians are. I do believe majority of them are not that bright but,
    it's also clear they have no loyalty to citizens of this state or the survival of this state.
    They all seem hell bent on burning everything to the ground.

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