Dominion in 65 Michigan Counties

It sucks, I know, that we Michiganians have to resort to Arizona State Rep. Anthony Kern-R, to provide thought provoking evidence of how easy it is to steal an election with Dominion Voting Systems equipment.

Yet, here we are.

Now, convince us that the former SoS (January 1, 2011 – January 1, 2019) who brought this to our state‘s elections who is now a State Senator, was somehow not aware of this? Also, convince us on the date… the entire Republican legislature- gross negligence or, in on it?

OABTW, remember Nasty Nessel and, Jocelyn Benson’s 6-count felony friend? Yep, Nasty Nessel slow-walked it for two years and, Sherikia L. Hawkins oversaw this election as well.

Exit question: with all the documented Dominion connections with the Garrett family, as can be viewed Here, and Here, how is it that yet another family member is not only a sitting member of the Oversight Committee but, Minority Vice-Chair, that is conducting the hearings into this rigged election?

You Betcha! (16)Nuh Uh.(1)

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