Let the Bodies hit the Floor

If it’s sport they want. . .

“Oooh my goodness.” “Wow… that’s ah, that’s a hard-hitting spot.” …and both will still vote Democrat.

Gonna state this one time because Boobus Michiganderus is going to either get it or, not: COVID is the best thing ever to have happened to this former slave.

That’s it folks, under Team RINO Ron and Meshawn, a retarded commercial calling bullshit on the bullshit we all saw a year ago.

Every taxpaying citizen in this state (no, not the invaders– citizens are paying for them) has earned being mocked, and that is the entire point of this post.

Bread and circuses.

So, the State GOP wants to slime Big Gretch with “missing the deadline to get an additional 360,000 doses” of The Jabs. OK, exactly what is it I am missing here, this just one point being made in the video that Charlie played, and why is there cackling heard in the background when these not-vaccines are mentioned? “Oooh my goodness.” “Wow… That’s ah, that’s a hard-hitting spot.

Bullshit. Even more bullshit is we do not have honest elections thanks to Team RINO Ron and Meshawn’s legislature controlled opposition censured Shirkey, disgraced Chatfield, and now Speaker Wentcuck. This folks, is exactly what mega-billions scAmway and Thrifty Fakers have bought in Lansing, and the D.C. Swamp.

Think I’m bullshitting? M’kay, let’s bump this retarded attack ad by the MI-GOP up to the national platform. For instance, let’s juxtapose Halliburton being replaced with Gal-a-flirtin.

Getting the picture, yet? Yah, and I don’t want to hear about this full-throated bullshit either because I have learned to accept that Boomers gotta boom.

Don’t get me wrong I still like my Trump, I thank him for the 4 year reprieve, however, he still has this annoying propensity to surround himself with the lowest of the low Swamp lifeforms. And never forget all the lockdown crap “two weeks to flatten the curve” was created by Boomers, for Boomers.

Exactly what is it that Boobus Americanus, and in particular Boobus Michiganderus, does not understand that “quarantine” is for the weak, the invalid, and not for the spry and healthy that continues life moving forward while providing care for the weak and invalid? Because if you do not have an answer for that question by now, we all are getting the answer- good and hard.

And on that note, will leave with this👇

LeDuff: Whitmer Mooches Billionaires’ Plane As Father Makes Miraculous Recovery

Good job with the shovel, Charlie.

Dig harder.

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  1. Kathleen
    May 7, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    More info. in this video, plus data sheets and petition. https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/covid-19/vaccine-information

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