Big Gretch and Nasty Nessel Posting Another “L”

Headline: Gretchen Whitmer Loses Again: Judge Dismisses Charges Against Hair Stylists After May 2020 Protest

A final pretrial hearing was scheduled for this morning before District Court Judge Kristen D. Simmons, a Whitmer appointee.

Simmons dismissed the charges after Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office failed to show.

Of course they didn’t show.

From April 30, 2020 on, it was all a game Nessel, and the Democrats played to interfere with an election. Matter of fact, the Republican Majority legislature lead by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum aided and abetted them.

Angela, when you’re done suing the state for damages, Lansing needs courageous leaders unlike these paper assholes. Get back in the game.

Oh! And one more thing… to those Thin Blue Line idolaters out there, let all the court dismissals be a lesson to you. They demonstrated they don’t give a rat’s ass about you– they’re just following orders given by those who sign their paychecks.

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