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It’s as if Big Gretch and Nasty Nessel are Setting the Stage for Another April 19, 1775

Well, as expected, Big Gretch has LARAed Mr Manke into submission.

Karl Manke’s license and the license of his shop, Karl Manke Main St. Barber & Beauty Shop, have been “summarily suspended,” said David Harns, communications director for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The documents confirming the suspension were sent to the barber and his attorney.

Harns said he was unable to provide further comment on the pending case.

Separately, Manke faces “$1,000 and 1 year in jail per haircut” under a Department of Health and Human Services order, said Manke’s lawyer David Kallman.

Meanwhile, convicted prisoners are being released into public. This is a sick game the Democrats are playing.

How sick?

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Virtue Sniveling is NOT a Good Look (Caution: NSFCucks)

This kind of stuff must be a gray hair, plutocrat “normie” thing?

OK, Boomer. 🙄

You know, one would be led to believe that our still getting their paychecks Republican Nancy-boys would have figured out all this “cruel as it is illogical” crap by now with the absolute corn-holing Big Gretch gave them on the budget, right?


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Michigan Capitol Gun Ban—A solution devoid of a problem”.

It is clear that some in government and in the media detest guns and use every emotional opportunity to drive a wedge between law-abiding citizens and their firearms. They have seized upon imagery in the Capitol to push yet again for Draconian and unconstitutional gun control.

Michigan is an open carry state, and one of 18 states which allows people to lawfully carry in the people’s house, their Capitol.

Protesting at the Michigan Capitol has been a traditional exercise in principle for several decades, inside and out—generally without incident and not one incident with a firearm. Aside from triggering emotionally-unstable leftists, zero damage has occurred.

The most recent incident was in 2012 during the right-to-work protest. Many thousand union members stormed the Capitol, and some were arrested after breaking onto the Senate floor. Violence took over a peaceful protest on the lawn of the capital, as a tent which was erected for pro-RTW demonstrators was torn down by violent protesters. Michigan State police had to wear riot gear. Capitol sergeants were on high alert. A friendly sergeant even asked me “if we could get some of the militia boys to come down as back-up.”

It turned out to be one of the most violent demonstrations in recent Michigan history, and yet not one single gun was pulled and not one shot was ever fired.

Fast forward to April 2020, after weeks of government taking extremely controversial steps in handling the coronavirus pandemic by stealing the liberty and livelihood of the citizens. People are restless, bored, struggling, succumbing to depression and alcoholism, and pissed off.

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