Daily Archives: May 14, 2020

Executive Order … number … 84?!?!

65 days.

65 days from when sweaty greasy-forehead Big Gretch was busy campaigning for pervy creepy Sleepy Joe Biden, when first EO was issued to today, 65 days later- EO 2020-84

One can only hope for Nuremberg-style trials to happen with this farce of an administration.

You Betcha! (10)Nuh Uh.(0)

Wait, what was that again?

Prior to today’s Judgement Day Rally put on by Michigan United for Liberty, Gov. Witless, AG Karen and the media dutifully marched in lockstep belittling us and misrepresenting the true purpose behind the protest.

“This is old news, KG, tell me something I don’t know,” you may be asking yourself.

All true, except for the fact that AG Karen just got caught overplaying her hand.

I give you Exhibit “A”:

“The AG’s Office is ‘unclear’ as to whether this will be enforceable in a court of law???”

What might have been her first clue?

BOTH Chambers will not be holding session today, so aside from a few radical black nationals showing (maybe) up to stir up some trouble (and the rain), I don’t see there being any problems later today.

Stay free, everyone!



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