If The Democratic Party Approves of It – It’s Bad for America

Say, didn’t some dude named Joseph do this?

Well, yes, he did. It is known as the Holodomor.

But I digress.

So, what else have our 3 power-crazed females who make up Michigan’s Matriarchy of Misery been up to while Michiganians cower in their NKVD enforced isolation dwellings?

Well, howza ’bout Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer’s appointed, Ministry of Green Uniforms?

Just last week, the state website said “boating falls within the outdoor activities permitted under the order.”

But the most recent update seems to drill down further and exclude motorized vessels.

The Department of Natural Resources on Friday said the ban on motorized boats was an attempt to “reduce the movement of, and contact among, people” to slow the virus spread.

Got that comrades? The feral DNR says they have many unvalidated snitch reports so, no “normal” boating or off to the gulags. Now, doesn’t that propaganda remind you of this dude from the Ministry of State Security? If it doesn’t ring clear with you what is going on, you might be a Sheeple.

But, Scales, how dare you mock Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer’s administration, especially, her chosen Ministry of Health? Here… pull my finger.

Oh sure, the above is just utilized to enforce a state of chaos by applying misery on a hypersensitive public with an over-sensationalized Kung-flu bug that over time, future generations will look back to see this scamdemic was biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon America. Yes, even bigger than how Obama got elected!

Now, ask yourself- why?

What it always is about: power and, controlling the power of your vote.

The Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office is defending the April 21 deadline for candidates to file petitions to get on the August primary election ballots despite the COVID-19 pandemic, calling the deadline a “necessary cog in Michigan’s election machinery.”

Isn’t that rich?

Esshaki, who hopes to challenge U.S. Rep. Haley Stevens [This Lunatic], D-Rochester Hills, sued Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson and Elections Director Jonathan Brater, contesting the signature requirement.

If I lived in Eric’s congressional district he would already have my vote.

“Defendants’ refusal to extend the deadline places candidates in the position of either having to break the law and cause electors to break the law under threat of criminal prosecution or forgo running for public office altogether,” his lawsuit says, referring to the latest stay-at-home order that is in place until at least April 30.

In the state’s response, Heather Meingast, an assistant attorney general, argued that “under these circumstances,” the burden Esshaki faces to get on the ballot is not overly severe.

Okay George, let the over-compensated shysterHave It. By the way, why do we have 569 with 59% higher than USA average and median salary on the public dole in Nasty Nessel’s office?

Anyhoo, back to where the rubber meets the road.

The state’s response came after Esshaki, a lawyer, revealed Friday morning that officials had offered to extend the petition deadline for him to May 5 to resolve the suit. But he argued that the overall April 21 deadline amid the stay-at-home order could help protect Democratic incumbents.

“This is how worried Gov. Whitmer and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are about my lawsuit,” he wrote in a press release. “They sent an offer to create a special and likely unconstitutional loophole for me, in return for allowing their unconstitutional policy to remain unchallenged.”

Yeppers. What else was there for Nasty Nessel’s office to do other than try to normalize Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer‘s Democratic Party national marching order agenda? Honestly, do you really believe that Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer gives a flying one about the China flu other than in ways for her to exploit it?

On March 10, about 90 minutes after Joe Biden won Michigan in the 2020 Democratic Primary, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the appearance of the first two confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Michigan – one in Wayne County and one in Oakland County.

“Yeah! My buddy pervert Sleepy Joe won Michigan and, as a rape survivor that is all that really matters to me. #MeToo” – Gretchen Whitmer

Uh-huh, clown world has a name and it is, the Michigan Democratic Party. From the 6′ 8″ tax deadbeat Obamabot through this carpetbagging dunce in CD-8 with Soetoro written all over her, they ALL are following Nancy Pelosi’s and Bathhouse Barry’s disgusting unAmerican Vote by Mail agenda with 16.4 Million reasons why it is evil.

One thing is for certain: You can’t stump President Trump.

Still not tired of winning!

You Betcha! (14)Nuh Uh.(1)

  2 comments for “If The Democratic Party Approves of It – It’s Bad for America

  1. KG One
    April 11, 2020 at 4:47 pm

    The cops are pulling people over by the Meijer's at 23 Mile & Gratiot in Chesterfield this afternoon and checking vehicles/receipts.

    It's starting.

    You Betcha! (3)Nuh Uh.(0)
    • Corinthian Scales
      April 11, 2020 at 4:50 pm

      Thanks for the info, KG.

      And, if this holds true across America, and there is no reason it should not, it is Game Over for the evil nitwits in Lansing, and the evil in D.C.

      President Trump wins re-election by a landslide.

      You Betcha! (3)Nuh Uh.(2)

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