Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer Strikes Again: Normalize Election Fraud

This is a complete abomination orchestrated by Soros’ flunky Jocelyn Benson, that I’m happy to see SML Shirkey, and Senator Johnson, have stated firm opposition.

The order was swiftly opposed by Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, who argued the May elections should be delayed instead. He cautioned against “decisions made in haste” and asked Whitmer to “reconsider this misstep.”

“Our Governor has authorized the Secretary of State to send absentee ballots to individuals who apply to register to vote without first ensuring proper verification,” Shirkey said. “This unilateral change to how we secure our elections has the potential to invite fraud and security concerns that may last well beyond the circumstances of today.”

Correct, SML Shirkey, that is what the game plan has been all along. Shutter a nation then, vote by mail.

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  1. KG One
    March 29, 2020 at 7:58 am

    Does anyone wonder why a woman who was so hell-bent on shutting down the schools across Michigan out of fear of virus transmission, is now equally (if not moreso) hell-bent on making sure that the May vote goes on as planned despite that same fear of transmission existing? Ignore practicing basic hygiene...the same woman thinks that you're far too stupid for that.

    Is it Village/City/Township-wide offices?


    Judicial positions?

    Try again.

    If you said: bond approval/renewal and/or millage approval/renewal...ding,ding,ding,ding!!! Congratulations Brainiac, enjoy your fluffy doll!!!

    That's right, the same people who advised the respective campaigns behind the the MISD tax hike, DIA tax renewal and Bloomfield Township "public safety" renewal are at it again for round two.on May 5th.

    Open up your wallets, because all they really care about are the contents contained within it.

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