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Well, that certainly didn’t take very long!

After getting hit with a ton of texts in the last hour, and a few nasty e-mails to boot, I’m going to need to walk back something I wrote earlier about yesterday.

At first, I didn’t even trust my friends on this because even I thought that that was too “over-the-top” to be true.

Well, I was wrong.

I’ll explain below.

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Did Rashida “Hamas” Tlaib send The Mask?

Now a brief message from, Michigan Gov. Yurass Isfat.

Folks, the material writes itself.

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Oh, benevolent governess, will you please allow me to work?

So, by now, everyone should’ve had an opportunity to watch what passes for objective news coverage from yesterday’s rally in Lansing.
Allow me to go over what did happen, what didn’t happen, and what others would like for you to believe happened.

I even have some interesting images from the Michigan Senate Floor that didn’t quite make the “official record”.

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Mock the Citizens of Michigan and our President?

Okay, Governor Gretchen “Half” Whitmer, let’s play that game.

The Thursday protest drew an estimated 800 to 1,000 people to Lansing. Some of them entered the Capitol building and demanded to be allowed into the House chamber as lawmakers met. The event drew national attention.

In an apparent response to Trump, Whitmer tweeted footage of Michelle Obama, saying, “Our motto is: When they go low we go high.”

RIP Joan Rivers, we miss you.

Democrats always project onto others what they are guilty of themselves.

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By Golly: the fat, beer-swilling, menopausal schoolmarm – did it?

Greasy-forehead Empress in her own mind actually placed all unelected LEO within potential harm’s way?

Whitmer, in turn, rushed to issue new or adjusted executive orders late Thursday, including one that will keep casinos, restaurants, bars and theaters closed through May 28, barring a successful legal challenge.

The extraordinary day in the state Capitol left great uncertainty over what orders would be enforced around the state on Friday.

For shame!

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