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Not going to make that trend on Twitter? You might want to reconsider when even the clowns are noticing.

Nolan Out Loud: Nursing homes may become Whitmer’s Flint

Yes, what Gov. Whitmer is responsible for is just THIS BAD.

James Woods really is a national treasure.

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Big Gretch: it Served as a Warning, NOT an Instruction Manual

Art always imitates life and, in Whitmer administration’s Michigan, you know, THIS ONE: science fiction now becomes reality.

One of the things I have truly enjoyed is new White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany. Blonde, beautiful and, incredibly smart. God created for the job in dealing with today’s Fake News propaganda arm of the Democrat Party and a public school system indoctrinated dumbed-down society.

Ps. this was just a li’l sumpin’-sumpin’ humorous to lighten things up around here as we Michiganians don’t have to be serious all the time.

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To Serve….

For anyone to call the ones wearing badges in video below, a coward, is an insult to cowards everywhere. Cowards are afraid to act, the MSP did.

Take a bow, Human Scum in blue, you sold your souls to Big Gretch and Nasty Nessel.

You had numerous chances provided for choosing which side of our Constitution to be on: blew it, BIGLY.

This is why our County Sheriff’s are the highest Law in the state.

Also why our Republican majority State Legislators need to put serious review to the 7% of our state budget that is squandered away on our unionized, overcompensated Stasi.

“State Police average salary is 24 percent higher than USA average and median salary is 30 percent higher than USA median.”

Let that sink in, Michiganians.

Ps. the pink shield is not altered; it is from their Facebook, which reads like a bunch of teen girls cheering for their flavor-of-the-day boy band “governor.” After all, there is nothing to distinguish any of them as having balls, anymore.

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