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Folks, if anyone does not by understand the importance of your County Sheriff by now (READ), then follow this to the end.

Geez louise, it took 8 storm Troopers to serve a 77-year-old cutting children’s hair Nasty Nessel’s bogus harassment papers? I mean it’s not like Whitmer/Nessel are running cover for their illegitimate Executive “Orders” because a death occurred, right?

May I also suggest that the Michigan State Police (average salary is 24 percent higher than USA average and median salary is 30 percent higher than USA median) change their “Value Statement” to: “A PROUD tradition of SERVING and PROTECTING our Public Sector Union GOVERNMENT RETIREMENTS.”

C’mon, guys in blue… just because your ‘just following orders’ schtick was polite, it does not excuse you from being lawless enabling cowards. Disgraceful.

Now, what do we know are the next actions by AG Nasty Nessel?

Creepy AG office talking head Ryan Jarvi explains.

If Manke refuses to close, “the department of attorney general will request an order from the Shiawassee County Circuit Court on Monday to close his business,” Jarvi said in a statement.

Isn’t that cool? In Democrat Whitmer/Nessel’s state of Michigan, releasing convicted prisoners = Essential. Septuagenarian barber = Non-essential. Now you know where the Michigan Democratic Party’s priorities are- with convicts, once released from prison: able to vote.

Let that sink in.

Back to, Mr. Manke. This corrupt state is going the same path with seeking out crony crooked activist judges, which are a dime a dozen as was proven in Texas, with salon owner, Shelly Luther.

Thankfully, at the urging of Governor Abbott, and AG Paxton, the Texas Supreme Court ordered Shelly Luther immediate release.

Sadly, in this Democrat run trifecta of Whitmer/Nessel/Benson hollhole, Mr. Manke will not have same outcome but, if what Gov. Gretchen “Half” Whitmer and Dana “Nasty” Nessel, want to create a martyr for the good people of Michigan, and for that matter the rest of nation, to rally around- then Mr. Manke is the patriotic Michiganian.

Full background 👇 to date.

Mr. Manke’s attorney Bill Amadeo, can be viewed here.

As best as I can tell this is a legitimate GoFundMe account for Mr. Karl Manke. Over $15k raised in 4 days? Awesome! Restores faith in the resilience of all the patriotic Americans who will work to defeat enemies of freedom both foreign and domestic.

God bless, Mr. Manke, we are with you.

Ps. State Troopers… still have not forgotten the dereliction of duty when the F-T-W tent was cut down and Steven Crowder was assaulted.

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  1. KG One
    May 11, 2020 at 7:47 pm

    After watching the Stand Up Michigan video, my respect for Mr. Manke just shot up even higher.

    I've got to give him kudos for how well he maintained his composure, despite the MSP who obviously didn't even want to be there serving him papers.

    I'm not excusing it, but since Col. Gasper reports directly to Gov. Witless, it should be pretty clear what will happen to anyone who crosses her.

    That's why county sheriffs, and now judges, can tell Gov. Witless and AG Karen to go and spin on it.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      May 12, 2020 at 8:47 am

      I'm sorry but, I completely disagree with your assessment of MSP, Director, Joseph Gasper. There is a time when every Man has to decide right from wrong, and damn the consequences. The worse case scenario Col. Gasper faces is insubordination for not carrying out Big Gretch's illegal and unconstitutional orders. There is not a court in this state who would not have Col. Gasper's public sector union back if Big Gretch decided to retaliate on the Lead Man of her Thin Blue Line. Matter of fact, I will go so far as to state, if Col. Gasper were to refuse to enforce Big Gretch and Nasty Nessel's illegal orders, and the rest of the MSP didn't all of a sudden get The Blue Flu, that none of them are worthy of possessing a badge to begin with.

      OABTW, it is not surprising that Honorable Matthew J. Stewart, ruled against Nasty Nessel's gross violation of Law for Big Gretch.

      Judge Stewart is a United States Navy veteran. The man understands what an Oath to our Constitution means.

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    • Corinthian Scales
      May 12, 2020 at 4:02 pm

      KG, you were saying something about poor li'l Col. Gasper?

      It's almost as if the overcompensated jackboot cowards are willing on a constitutional crisis by 'just following orders' that are not legally binding.

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      • KG One
        May 12, 2020 at 6:13 pm

        Public servants watching their P's & Q's aren't new to Michigan Politics.

        Especially, MSP Colonels.

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        • Corinthian Scales
          May 12, 2020 at 6:20 pm

          Never said it was new. I said they are cowards that are lower than whale shit.

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  2. Sue Schwatrz
    May 11, 2020 at 7:54 pm

    The judge refused to enforce the state's order. WINNING! Only on a couple of news services.

    Side note: I delivered meals today to three senior citizen housing centers today. One building had me quite disturbed--the community center was chain-locked and the community bathrooms also locked. You know, those bathrooms when, as a senior (can only speak to ladies) which are nearby when you walk down to get your mail. Locked. Actually, I went into the building and went directly to the watercloset which was locked. I had to use the facilities of a client. Thank goodness we old ladies under stand this. But, another client was having water delivered by Culligan--those five gallon jugs, that the Culligan guy comes in and is nice enough to dump it upside down into the faucet gizmo. Get this, WATER DELIVERY HAS BEEN DETERMINED TO BE NON-ESSENTIAL. I emptied my flat bed being used to deliver 20 1/2 gallons of milk and 7 frozen meals a bag. to the folks. The Culligan guy was nice enough to put the jugs on my cart and even rolled it to the door for me, but said he's been ordered to not enter the building. Who ordered, I asked? he wasn't quite sure. I tried to goad him, urge him to help the old ladies with these weighty jugs, but he was certain he could go no further than the door. We got another old fart to help us old ladies to lift it and put it in the dispenser. When did water become non-essential? Ran into a lot of these brick walls with my senior clients which added two hours to my route. Family visiting has been discouraged. These folks need to be released--the cure is killing them. BTW, in my county we've had 20 cases, the majority of which flew in and five deaths. What's that ratio for a county with a population of 100K. BTW, the other buildings merely had reminder signs up about social distancing. Of the three, guess which one is owned by dimrats?

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    • Corinthian Scales
      May 12, 2020 at 9:04 am

      Wait, what? Lemme try to get this straight... in 95.1% white Grand Traverse County Michigan, water supply is determined "non-essential," however, in water bill deadbeat 78.6% black City of Detroit, it is not only declared essential but, it is also statewide taxpayer subsidized.

      Nah, Big Gretch isn't still targeting certain people like she did with her state budget vetos.

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