People are wising up, we must increase the fear level another notch.

Another day, another “objective” reporter carrying the water for Gov. Witless and her unconstitutional actions.

I cannot speak for other parts of Michigan (yet), but with the notable exception of Charlie Langton, what passes for news reporting in Southeastern Michigan has long since morphed into a non-comical farce of itself.

Yesterday saw yet another protest against Michigan Government attempting to lockup everyone in order to “keep us safe”. To their credit, Channel 7 sent a crew out to cover it.

Did they start the report on why people were there? The effect that the governess’ illegal actions were having on their physical well-being or financial status? How a governor can claim authority that expired at the beginning of this month?

Nope, within the first few seconds we got this instead:

Many without masks, not social distancing, holding Trump posters and homemade signs say its personal freedoms they’re fighting for.”

Now, we have AG Karen attempting to crank things up another notch by telling us that there is an investigation into “credible threats” against state lawmakers.

No word yet on when she’ll investigate the assault against three individuals with media credentials who were doing nothing more than sitting in the House Gallery. I’m absolutely certain that is high on her “To-do” list, and she just forgotten to alert the press.

Adding fuel to the dumpster fire that is Gov. Witless’ “leadership” during the Wuhan situation, we have businesses who have taken it upon themselves to not ask for permission from her to re-open…they are simply doing it themselves.

Oh no, we cannot have that!

Not to fear, LEO’s will step in and set those ne’er-do-wells straight.

Wait, what?

“Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy isn’t convinced Whitmer’s order is legal and said he won’t enforce the order. It doesn’t matter to Gray because he said he’d stay open even if he gets fined.”

No, no,no,no,no,no!

This won’t do!

And what does “republican” Brian Calley (now Michigan Small Business Administration President), have to say about all of this?

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  1. Sue Schwatrz
    May 10, 2020 at 7:11 pm

    And the mask thing--separates the stupid from the conservatives. Next door neighbor was on her porch alone with a mask on. Can't make this up. At a play ground which was opened, was a sign, "this playground has not been sanitized. Use at your own risk". Kids had a great time and still rona-free. Who knew.

    Now, Dr. Fuchi is self-sequestered, contaminated with china-rona? (false cover story?) Obviously didn't take the test to prove otherwise, or did he? I like to note, that he's been running around maskless, shoving disinformation everywhere he goes, thinking he's got a friend in Trump. hahahahahaha. Ya just know he's shoving HCQ, zinc and zmax secretly down after secretly testing positive?, because we all know his resimiver (sp) doesn't work. The quinine is the main ingredient and is effective against Malaria (a parasite) zeka (a parasite) HIV (also a parasite?) and the 1-18 ronas (also parasites?), but his china-rona has so much nano technology...well, it's just plain bat crazy.

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    • 10x25mm
      May 10, 2020 at 9:14 pm

      Fauci is a Big Pharma shill. Chloroquine doesn't make anyone big money because its patent expired during WW II. But genuine chloroquine (counterfeits are a problem) works like Thor's Hammer on the Wuhan coronavirus. Fauci knows this and you can bet he has access to the genuine French Sanofi Plaquenil version.

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  2. Corinthian Scales
    May 11, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    Brian Calley? Pffft! Expect nothing else from the traitorous loser.

    She wasted no time capitalizing on this dynamic. The first call Whitmer made, after winning the primary in a landslide, was to Brian Calley, the lieutenant governor. He had just lost the Republican primary to Bill Schuette, the polarizing attorney general. According to multiple people familiar with the conversation, Whitmer began selling Calley on the need to defeat Schuette at all costs and asked him to connect her with disgruntled Republican donors. (Calley declined to comment.)

    Brian Calley = 🐍

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    • KG One
      May 11, 2020 at 5:33 pm

      When the Michigan SBA Pres. himself doesn't have the integrity to stand up for the organization he is PAID to represent, I see either a.) the Michigan SBA experiencing a massive membetship decline due to this sniveling little squirt's cowardice, or b.) someone getting to experience the joy of navigating MARVIN after they hand him his walking papers.

      I really hope that it is "b"!

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