By Golly: the fat, beer-swilling, menopausal schoolmarm – did it?

Greasy-forehead Empress in her own mind actually placed all unelected LEO within potential harm’s way?

Whitmer, in turn, rushed to issue new or adjusted executive orders late Thursday, including one that will keep casinos, restaurants, bars and theaters closed through May 28, barring a successful legal challenge.

The extraordinary day in the state Capitol left great uncertainty over what orders would be enforced around the state on Friday.

For shame!

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  1. Corinthian Scales
    May 1, 2020 at 7:40 pm

    Watch Nessel's moves closely. Time to study who are the big dog's shitting in the tall grass.

    Robert Stevenson, director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police, said with no clear direction, cops are "left in limbo."

    "This puts police departments in a precarious position," said Stevenson, formerly Livonia's police chief. "You have an argument going on about whether these orders are legal or not, and I think it's unrealistic to assume police chiefs are going to be able to determine the legality of an issue that could end up going to the Supreme Court."

    Oakland University criminal justice professor Daniel Kennedy agreed police have been put in a tough spot.

    "This is one situation which police absolutely dislike being in, because they can't win for losing," he said. "Anything they do, the other side is going to be against them.

    "The police are like a ping pong ball, but they can't be like a ping pong ball, because they have to decide what to do in situations," Kennedy said. "It's just a terrible position to be in, and a lot of individual officers are probably morally torn."

    I do feel for them being used like meat-puppets by the Half Whit and the dyke AG, however, the just following order's shtick isn't going to fly.

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