Well, that certainly didn’t take very long!

After getting hit with a ton of texts in the last hour, and a few nasty e-mails to boot, I’m going to need to walk back something I wrote earlier about yesterday.

At first, I didn’t even trust my friends on this because even I thought that that was too “over-the-top” to be true.

Well, I was wrong.

I’ll explain below.

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Earlier today, I wrote about my observations from the American Patriot Rally in Lansing put on by Michigan United for Liberty. I also shared a few images for those who couldn’t attend.

I thought that after a very long 38-hour day, I’ll be able to call it a night.

This one I won’t put off.

Earlier this afternoon, I was forwarded a link to a local bar rag that likes to think of itself as a real newspaper.

In that link was a story claiming that Sen. Shirkey was admonishing several of the protestors for actually having the audacity to bring firearms up to and into the state capitol building for the purposes of intimidating and harassing people.

I said that was bunk in no uncertain terms.

First, because of the source (which by all rights is a dead man walking, business-speaking). Second, the timing of (what I thought was) such a ridiculous statement would NEVER be this close to the rally.

Then I got hit with not one, but two other sources: Sen. Shirkey’s own Twitter & Facebook feeds.

Here it is, friends:

“Yesterday, we saw a great number of citizens protest the actions of their government. Many protested safely and responsibly and I respect and appreciate their efforts.

Several other so-called protestors, used intimidation and the threat of physical harm to stir up fear and feed rancor. I condemn their behavior and denounce their tactics. Their actions hurt their cause and steal from the rights of others by creating an environment where responsible citizens do not feel safe enough to express themselves.

They do not represent the Senate Republicans. At best, those so-called protestors are a bunch of jackasses.”

Okay, let me put the brakes on this pretentious bus, toot sweet!

First, I DID mention the fact that people brought firearms to yesterday’s rally.

I didn’t hide that detail. I have no reason to hide it. I even sat around and spoke to a few of them throughout the day.

In my experience, I’ve been around more than a few people who were a few cans short of a six pack. Generally, they could easily be found within large urban centers (i.e St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, etc.). The people whom Sen. Shirkey is now turning on and attacking were never a threat.

Second, remember when I told everyone that he went up into the gallery and spoke to those of us there?

Here a pic. Here’s another pic (scroll down page).

Guess what? At least three of the people in those images were carrying. And one of those was standing DIRECTLY in front of Sen. Shirkey.

When I say they were carrying; it has to be done openly in order to bring them inside of the building.

Either Sen. Shirkey is blind as a bat. Or, he’s learned to become a two-faced snake like his predecessor Meekhof. I had hoped that he would have been superior to his predecessor.

So, how do I know this?

Simple, I was there!

Third, they were not there to “represent” Senate Republicans, or ANY republicans for that matter. They were there to protect the Michigan Citizens. If memory serves, representing Michigan Citizens was Sen. Shirkey’s job before he gave away the farm to Gov. Witless and allowed her to start augering Michigan’s economy into solid bedrock.

But wait, you may ask yourself? What would people protesting Gov. Witless have to be worrying about?

We already know what Gov. Witless feels about our First Amendment right. But that isn’t it.

Let me (re)introduce everyone to the democrat party’s favorite pee wee fan club for intimidating the opposition back into line: Antifa.

Here’s a quick refresher from an earlier post:

Purportedly, Antifa was responsible for some vehicles that were damaged and set ablaze just after President Trump’s inauguration back in January.

During the months of February through April, they were active in the Berkley Riots protesting the unthinkable acts of people like Milo Yiannopoulos to Ann Coulter having the audacity to actually speak to students at a college (and in California, no less). Check out several of the confiscated items from the “peaceful” protestors.

In June, Antifa protestors in Portland engaged local police by using slingshots launching balloons filled with human waste and other unknown chemicals, hurling bricks and using rodent poison gas devices. This drew the attention of groups like the ACLU who felt that the gas was being used by the police as a form of crowd control.

In July at a counter-protest against ACT for America, they fought with the Pennsylvania State Police. One of those Antifa protestors, Lisa Joy Simon, took it upon herself to stab a police horse in the neck with a wooden pole and nail she brought with her to this “peaceful” protest. Fortunately, the horse’s injuries were minor. Ms. Simon is facing numerous charges and is currently awaiting trial.

It should be patently obvious that democrats love power. Having control over others is like a narcotic to them. They cannot get enough of it.

Threaten that control and they freak out.

I wouldn’t put it past them to let Antifa off of their leash to scare us in line. Dirty pool comes naturally to democrats. To them, it’s just like breathing.

The Republicans in the Michigan Legislature have boxed themselves into a corner and are still intent on playing nice with the democrats to get themselves through this mess.That tactic has not worked over the past several weeks. Why should it work now?

You have the power in BOTH chambers…use it!!!

And don’t go turning on the people that YOU represent.

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  2 comments for “Well, that certainly didn’t take very long!

  1. Corinthian Scales
    May 2, 2020 at 7:49 am

    You damn right, KG! I've seen enough raw video footage of what Shirkey is calling a "bunch of jackasses" and, I will tell you what... just because someone is loud and happens to have some iron hanging on them, it does NOT mean they should be "condemned" nor, does it mean they were "threatening" anything. JHFC! With all the Michigan Storm Troopers standing line there, shoulder-to-shoulder, if any such "threat of physical harm" as Shirkey alleges happened there would've been paddy wagons full of so-called "intimidation" protestors.

    As far as Senate Republican Leadership goes, they have a recent history of being flotsam two-faced twats operating on expediency - you name it - from Detoilet bailout Richardville, to Schostak Properties grant money gifting 'lame duck' Meekhof, to Medicaid Expansion Shirkey.

    My suggestion to SML Shirkey is to apply some lip balm before he chaps them from smooching on America loathing Gretchen Half Whit's big ass.

    Mmmmmmyah, Shirkey... who's "behavior and tactics" deserves to be condemned?

    Know which side you belong on, SML Puss-cake.

    You Betcha! (6)Nuh Uh.(0)
  2. Sue Schwatrz
    May 2, 2020 at 8:20 am

    ThanQ KG for being there. At the presser yesterday, a reporter "advised" that the "militia was present" in Lansing. (I laughed so hard and it may have been plural "Militias" but I can't rewind, using old tech and all.) And, I noticed the lack of masks and social distancing in the photo (and if Shirkey was true to the cause, he wouldn't have a mask on his person during his balcony chat). So, then, is Shirkey part of the Militia?

    The "Power of both Chambers" is start impeachment proceedings against Half-dim-Whit AND the AG for contrived, deliberate violations of constitutional rights. Sue them both in federal court individually for these violations as, in my opinion, they lost gov. immunity when failing to uphold the constitution. This makes them have to pay for their own counsel. Lastly, file a formal complaint with the US attorney for these blatant violations--and the crap pulled surrounding the HCQ cocktail, was/is a conspiracy and needs criminal charges.

    You Betcha! (7)Nuh Uh.(0)

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